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====Other Departments Unit IDs====
====Other Departments Unit IDs====
Other city police departments in Boone County using Columbia Joint Communications:
Other city police departments in Boone County using Columbia Joint Communications:
They are on 155.310.
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{| {{table}}

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Law Enforcement

Sheriff's Department

Rural Police

  • Rural Police: Columbia, Centralia, Hallsville, Sturgeon, Ashland


Columbia Law Enforcement

155.3100 - shared by County Sheriff and Columbia Police & Ashland PD & Hallsvillie PD
155.4750 - Joint Communications Repeater 
             (Columbia, Howard Co, Ashland, Stugeon, Hallsville)
854.9625 - WQNC847  Repeater-Wideband for Law Ops
152.1200 - WQNG741  FBBS 340 wt power; possibly for paging?

453.4250 - Remote Link 1-Columbia (for 155.7450 R)
453.9250 - Columbia PD RF-2, Remote Link- Columbia (for 155.7450 R)
460.5250 - Columbia PD RF-4, Remote Link- Columbia (for 155.7450 R)

156.1500 - Columbia PD Police Car-to-Car/Detectives [Ch 3]
           (confirmed as having voice inversion/analog encryption available)
  • Columbia Police CH2 has switched from BM to RM. Not sure on the input freq. yet but it is definitely a repeater/mobile system now (Updated 3/01/16)
  • Police Beat Map (Updated 3/01/16)

Unit IDs

Columbia Police Department Unit IDs

ID Assignment Notes
1xx, 2xx, 3xx, and 4xx, Paul Units Patrol units
  • First number refers to the officer's shift
  • Last two digits correspond to the beat.
8xx Supervisors
ADAM-1 - Adam-4 Streets Crime Unit
BOY-1 - Boy-6 Downtown units
CHARLES-56 - Charles-59 CSAs 'Community Service Aids' for non injury accidents, traffic control, parking violations and such.Think they usually get off at 3:00 PM.
DAVID-xx CPD detectives. Heard them say "David" but not D and then a number.
KING-x, ex. 1 KING 1 K-9 units K-2 and K-3 are the only two right now
TOM-1 - T-6 Traffic units T-5 and T-6 are DUI enforcement and are usually on evenings and overnight.
SR-1 - SR-8 School Resource Officers assigned to Columbia Public Schools
OCEAN ex. 1 Ocean 1 CID: units not assigned other letter designation
GEORGE Fugitive Unit or Fraud Section (depending on number)

Another Unit ID System:

Boone County Sheriff's Department Unit IDs

ID Assignment Notes
5xx Sheriff's Department There is no apparent pattern to the unit numbers.
9xx warrant round up used every couple of months they go out for the night and pick up people with a warrant and are also used for special events like the Boone County Fair.
D-5x Sheriff's Department detectives Most Boone County Sheriff Detectives Drive 2015 Ford Taurus's the one shown here
J-6x (J-60 and J-61) prisoner transports Make frequent trips between the county jail and the Columbia Police Department.
SR-5x Sheriff's Department School Resource Officers assigned to schools in Ashland, Hallsville and Sturgeon

5 Pual 25 is a Boone County Sheriff Deputy; confirmed

Centralia Police Department (MO) Radio Frequency Information

24803  Centralia on MOSWIN; a low activity talkgroup.

Missouri Department Of Conservation Unit IDs

Ranger 6 is a either a park ranger in Boone County or a Conservation Agent in Boone County.

Other Departments Unit IDs

Other city police departments in Boone County using Columbia Joint Communications: They are on 155.310.

601 - 606 Ashland Police Department
631 - 634 Hallsville Police Department
660 - 661 Sturgeon Police Department
672 Centralia Police Dept unit

Brevity Codes

  • Columbia seems not to use ten codes
Code-7 CPD officer is out for lunch
  • either the dispatcher is asking the officer if subject can hear the radio, or
  • officer is enroute somewhere with someone not in custody
10-15 subject in custody in route to police or sheriff department; usually right after they are done saying the are 10-15 they will say they are either enroute to BCJ or CPD for processing.
10-99 subject has warrant

Misc. Frequencies


Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.04000  WPGX499   BM  Ashld Police Police (freq used on MOSWIN 1-013)  FMN  Law Tac 
173.32500  WQKJ505   Ashland WDD Water Data  Telm  Data 
  • 155.040 Ashland Police Department Dispatch (Nothing heard on this frequency, yet.)

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