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Box Elder County was named for the many Box Elder trees found in the area by early explorers and settlers.

Home to the Golden Spike National Historic Park

Utah State Agency Radio Call Signs

  • 1C (1 Charlie) Box Elder County
    • 2C Brigham City
    • 3C Tremonton
    • 4C Garland
    • 5C Willard
    • 6C Perry
    • 7C Fielding
    • 8C Howell
    • 9C Mantua (Indian name pronounced Man-a-way)

NOTE: Although the State assigns radio call signs, the local dispatch offices are free to use less cumbersome call signs (See below).

Box Elder County Unit Codes

  • Charlie - Box Elder Co. Sheriff
  • Bravo - Brigham City PD
  • Tango - Tremonton PD
  • Whiskey - Willard PD
  • Papa - Perry PD
  • Golf - Garland PD
  • Mike - Mantua PD

Conventional Frequencies

Box Elder County

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.35500      WPTF688   BM    BoxEld FireE Fire/EMS Dispatch  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.80000  156.01500   WGR640   RM    BoxEld FireW Fire/EMS/Sheriff West (Dunn Peak)  FMN  Multi-Dispatch 
453.65000  458.65000   WQAU941   RM    BoxEld Sch Bus School Buses  DMR  Schools 
155.59500  159.15000   WPUQ885   RM  162.2 PL  BoxEld SherS Sheriff South & City Police (simulcast to UCA 15680)  FMN  Law Dispatch 
154.66500  159.12000   WQBH684   RM  156.7 PL  BoxEld SherN Sheriff North (Tremonton)  FMN  Law Dispatch 
151.11500      WQCM539   BM    BoxEld Simul Mantua Simulcast of 155.595, 154.665, UCA 15680  FMN  Law Dispatch 
156.01500      KVI666     BoxEld Paging Fire/EMS Paging  FMN  Fire Dispatch 

Brigham City

Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.74000  KSV729   BM  BrigCity Pol Police  FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.43000  KSV729   BM  BrigCity EMS EMS  FMN  EMS Dispatch 


Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.52000  KNDX325   BM  Tremont Pol Police  FMN  Law Dispatch 
154.14500  WNSB374   BM  Tremont Fire Fire  FMN  Fire Dispatch 

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