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Unitrunker LIDs

These are the Unitrunker Radio IDs that are used on both the Bryan and the College Station Systems.

1-240: College Station Police Portables and Mobiles
1000-1130: College Station Fire Portables and Mobiles (CS System only)
2000-2068: College Station Parks and Recreation
2069-2079: College Station Radio Tech/Telecom
3001-3115: College Station Public Works/BVSWMA Landfill 
4000-4099: College Station Utilities Service/Electrical 
5000-5115: College Station Utilities Water/Sewer Workers 
6000-6025: College Station Meter Readers 
7000-7015: College Station Building/Code Inspectors (some FD, some not) 
8200-8650: College Station Dispatch Consoles 
10300-10500: Texas A&M University Police Portables and Mobiles 
11006: Brazos County-College Station VHF Patch 
26000-26099: Brazos County Sheriff Portables 
26500-26599: Brazos County Sheriff Mobiles 
28000-28099: Brazos County Constables Portables 
28500-28599: Brazos County Constables Mobiles 
29000-29020: Brazos County Health Department Portables 
29100-29199: Brazos County PCT 1 Fire Portables 
29200-29299: Brazos County PCT 2 Fire Portables 
29300-29399: Brazos County PCT 3 Fire Portables 
29400-29499: Brazos County PCT 4 Fire Portables 
29500-29520: Brazos County Health Department Mobiles 
29600-29699: Brazos County PCT 1 Fire Mobiles 
29700-29799: Brazos County PCT 2 Fire Mobiles 
29800-29899: Brazos County PCT 3 Fire Mobiles 
29900-29999: Brazos County PCT 4 Fire Mobiles 
31000-31130: College Station Fire on Brazos/Bryan Trunk System 
55300-55399: Brazos County 911 Dispatch Console Patches 
55400-55999: Brazos County 911 Dispatch Consoles 
56000-56199: Bryan Police Portables 
56500-56599: Bryan Police Mobiles 
56900-56910: Bryan Police Department Intake Desk 
57000-57099: Bryan Fire Portables 
57500-57540: Bryan Fire Mobiles 
58000-58018: Bryan Facilities 
58019-58038: Bryan Sanitation 
58039-58074: Bryan Transportation 
58075-58124: Bryan Water Services Portables 
58125-58139: Bryan Environmental 
58140-58159: Bryan Wastewater Plant 
58500-58520: Bryan Water Services Mobiles 
58990-58999: Bryan Remote Gate Entry Indentification Speakers 
65500-65515: College Station Radio Techs

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