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  • Heartland Potato 153.035 Base/Mobile (Benton) WPDK208

Communications Companies

150.86000  159.57000   WPMJ754  RM  Dittronics (FB6@Benton)    
461.60000  466.60000   KNIX500  RM  Dittronics (FB6@Benton)   
463.57500  468.57500   WNPH258  RM  Dittronics (FB6@Benton)    
464.47500  469.47500   WNLX782  RM  Dittronics (FB6C@Benton)   

463.500  WQLJ317  FB6 11K  Dittronics
463.500  KNAG508  FB4 Expired  Ledbetter, Steve (Expired)
???.???  WXC989                Bursch Food Service (Expired, no freq's on lic)
464.025  WNLY622  FB4/FX1C     Morris Heating & Cooling (Expired)
464.800  WNJQ887  FB4/FX1C     Morris Heating & Cooling (Expired)
464.025  WNKG256  FB4/FX1      United Ridge Farms Inc

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