Businesses, Recreation and Attractions Dunklin County (MO)

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  • Moore Farms 464.1 Repeater (11K at Honersville) WNPD637
  • Harris Farms 461.225 Repeater (Senach) WPVC312
  • Thompson Farms 464.25 Repeater (7/8/11/20K at Senath)

Communication Companies

460.82500  WPKM753  RM  MO-ARK Communications (Hornersville)  
461.02500  WNKS268  RM  MO-ARK Communications (Kennett)  
461.72500  WNSB275  RM  MO-ARK Communications (Senath)  
461.95000  WNKS269  RM  MO-ARK Communications (Kennett)  
462.15000  WPEE212  RM  MO-ARK Communications (Senath)  
854.81250  WNZZ753  RM  MO-ARK Communiations [GB] (Malden)  


452.33750  KNFZ417  RM  Droke Farms  DROKE, H W DBA DROKE FARMS (Hornersville) [was 35.82]
151.86500  WPBI354  BM  BakerImplmnt  Baker Implement Company (Kennett, other locations)  
151.86500  WPYP681  BM 146.2 PL BakerImplmnt  Baker Implement Company (Malden)  
157.68000  KNHP200  BM  Dunk Transit  Dunklin County Transit Services Inc  
151.86500  WPFQ687  M  Kennett HCC  Kennet Health Care Center