Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System (BRICS)

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System Info

The Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System is a 800 MHz Astro 25 Phase 1 FDMA trunked radio system made by Motorola and maintained by MobilComm, Inc. located in Cincinnati. The system is designed to cover all of Butler County and provide voice communications with every public safety agency in the county, and to allow for interoperability communications with all surrounding public safety agencies. Planning for the system began in 2006, and the system was built starting in 2007. It was first "turned on" and put into testing in August 2008. The system was "re-banded" in October of 2008 and 14 sites were operational by late November 2008. All county agencies are using the system as of October 2010.

Other FCC Callsigns

  • WQLW587
  • WPPD256
  • WQLW586

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