CLEMIS Public Safety Communications

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CLEMIS Public Safety Communications TRS
System Name CLEMIS Public Safety Communications
System Type OpenSky Standard
System ID N/A
Connect Tone N/A
Wide Area Communications Network
Network Access Code N/A
TRBO Color Code
Band 800
Ownership Public
FCC License WPPC814
City Multiple Cities
County Oakland
State Michigan

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Welcome to the CLEMIS Public Safety Communications collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Oakland County, Michigan.
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  • NOTE: This system cannot be trunked or monitored by any scanner

System Notes

News Update January 22, 2010

Berkley, Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge are still in testing phase for Open Sky system. Oak Park has not switched yet.


Presently, the County is financially supporting a review of the Troy, Madison Heights and Royal Oak dispatch operations with the possibility of consolidating these three dispatch operations into one dispatch center.

The hardware and software issues have been repaired and the existing radios in operation have largely been replaced. A revised and detailed roll-out schedule has been prepared and shared with the PSAPs on August 18, 2009. Ferndale and Hazel Park were recently completed with Pontiac in progress. After the holidays, the next large agency will be the Sheriff – scheduled to take roughly three months given the size and complexity.

The County has invested $25.6 million in the new radio communications system (towers, centralized equipment, back-up equipment, etc.) to date with the largest expenditure of the portable and mobile radio units still pending. A summary of the construction in progress was presented earlier in this letter of transmittal.

An uncertainty that remains in the deployment of the radio communications system, however, is the funds needed to address coverage enhancements that will not be known until the system is fully operational and field tested. The County is already moving to expand the coverage because of known holes in areas presently operational.

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