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Callaway County

Callaway County Emergency Operations Center

  • Heard on 155.7750: "Callaway" Mokane, Trenton, 420, to State Car "Trenton? 5 to County - running 10-28s" (Trenton is obviously located counties away in Grundy so not sure what I'm hearing - band open on 7/24/05)
  • 10/10* KAH316 modified to change 155.5650 BM to a Repeater (unknown input)
  • 7/11 STA WQOA862 for expired KAH316 Sheriff/911
  • 155.565 Repeater with mobiles (input) of 156.1500, 154.6500 (911/Law at Fulton) WQPK454
  • STA for 155.5650 Base/mobile; 155.565 Repeater with 156.1500/154.6500 input (NFM) WQOW831


  • 153.77 Fire Repeaters to be located at WNPO628 - Fulton, Auxvasse, Millersburg; WQMJ815 - Holts Summit, Portland, Bonnots Mill-OSAGE
  • Found during band opening, in Madison County IL (FX1 on 155.8125 173.8, verified Rptr output on 153.77; also RF Link, with base and mobiles coming through on 460.3125 141.3 8/30/22)
  • 153.77 Repeater/155.8125 173.8 PL Fire/EMS: Paging/Dispatch/Response FMN WNPO628
  • 460.3125 F 141.3 PL Fire/EMS: Remote Link (at Fulton) FMN WQVZ234
  • North Callaway County paging tones: 470.5/788.5 (verified on 460.3125 8/30/22)

Callaway County Sheriff

MOSWIN Talkgroups

  • 25101 Callaway County: All
  • 25102 Callaway County: Travel
  • 25103 Callaway County: Sheriff

Callaway County Health Department (Fulton)

  • 155.4975 Base/Mobile - Operations (NFM) WQNE986

Callaway County Public Water District

  • Modify 451.0750 Repeater from 20K to 6K00F2D only, 456.0750 stays 20K KNBB977

Old Frequencies

  • 151.38500 WNCQ324 M Sheriff: Mobile Extenders to 155.775R FMN
  • 156.15000 WQPK454 M Sheriff FMN


  • Police Mobile Extenders on 155.4375 (NFM); 151.0025 Repeater with 159.4425 input (NFM) WQOK896

Callaway County Ambulance District

Central Callaway Fire Protection District

  • Temporary 35W-Base/Mobile Extenders on 851.9125/806.9125 20-3W portables (P25) WRXY942 New 7/23
  • 151.235 Base/Mobile to 155.64 Mobile Extenders (NFM) WQJR880


  • Police dispatched by Sheriff on 155.565

Old frequencies

  • 153.740 KA75520 M Fulton PD 2 Police (155.835 WNLF883 Term 3/02] FMN
  • 158.805 WNQM779 BM Fltn Engneer City Engineer [Expired 9/14] FMN
  • 154.995 159.07500 WNSU584 RM Fultn HsAuth Housing Authority FMN
  • 153.995 KD34838 M Fulton EMA EOC (w/ Phone Patch) [Expired 9/13] FMN
  • 154.040 WRA621 BM Fulton Siren Warning Sirens ? [Term 3/04] FMN

Fulton is a city of approximately 12,000 people located in central Missouri. The community is the county seat of Callaway County and is situated approximately twenty-five miles north of Jefferson City and east of Columbia. Fulton is fortunate to have a four-year liberal arts college and a university -Westminster College and William Woods University.

The employment population of Fulton is primarily made up of professional and service personnel employed by the public school district, higher education institutions, state institutions, retail and light industry located within the city. Additional major employers are Dollar General located on Hwy. 54 and the Ameren UE Callaway Nuclear Power Plant is located ten miles from the city.

Holts Summit

Holts Summit Fire Protection District Website

  • Fire has Mobile Extenders on 852.675/857.675, 853.4125/858.4125, 853.05/858.05 (P25) WRLD443
  • 5/24 FCC Application 0011074779 for 150-110W on 154.28, 154.355 xxx
  • 154.355 BM WQRA837 [Expired 4/23] FMN Fire Dispatch

Former Frequencies

  • 453.9375 458.9375 M Fire: Vehicular Repeater Template:WQRA837 [Expired 4/23] FMN Deprecated 5/24/24

New Bloomfield

New Bloomfield Fire Protection District

North Callaway Fire Protection District

South Callaway Fire Protection District

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Callaway Community Hospital / Callaway County Ambulance District

  • also 460.1875 FXO (Remote Link at Fulton) KNCQ747
  • 12/13 Modify to 453.9 Repeater (was 460.5 FX2) at Linn-OSAGE WQQC870
  • 159.2025 Repeaters at Holt Summit, Portland, Auxuass, Linn-Osage (NFM) WQQC870
  • 155.34, 155.22 Base/Mobile, 155.16 Mobiles, 154.8975 FX1/Mobiles (input to 159.2025) WQQC938

Missouri State

The Fulton community has three major state institutions - Missouri School for the Deaf, Fulton State Hospital, and the Fulton Diagnostic Center. Fulton State Hospital and the Missouri School for the Deaf are the oldest institutions of their kind west of the Mississippi River.

Missouri Highway Patrol Substations

Substation located right off the side of I-70 at the Missouri Fire Fighters Monumental Building in Kingdom City, MO.

Missouri School for the Deaf (Fulton)

  • 1/23 FCC App 0010347939 for NXDN Repeaters on 453.54375, 453.5375, 453.540625 [Dismissed by FCC]
  • 453.54375 Repeater NXDN (4K00F1W) WRWA882 Issued 1/23

Schools and Colleges

Fulton Public Schools

  • Website; 2200 students
  • 152.315 Repeater with 157.515 input (NFM) WQXZ396
  • 152.3375 50W Repeater with 157.5975 input (40-5W portables) (DMR/NXDN) WSCL961 (at County Shed, CP at Fulton Middle School)

Fulton High School Fulton Middle School

  • 463.225 Repeater (NFM for Ops/Safety/Security) WRXD614

Bartley Elementary Bush Elementary McIntire Elementary Fulton Early Childhood Center

New Bloomfield R3 Schools

North Callaway R1 Schools

  • 151.955 Repeater with 159.495 input (NFM) for Elementary Schools (at Kingdom City) WQOY771

South Callaway R2 Schools

1) 152.375, 158.175 200W Bases; 1-5W FX1 on 157.635, 153.365 2) 158.175, 152.375 200W ERP bases with 50-50WT on 157.635, 158.175 (NFM/NXDN) 5/24 FCC Application 0011084306

Westminster College (Fulton)

  • 4-year Liberal Arts college
  • 151.685 Base/Mobile for Security (NFM) (*need location) WQSS810

William Woods University (Fulton)


Jefferson City Memorial Airport

Jefferson City Memorial Airport (JEF)
City: Jefferson City
County: Callaway
State: Missouri
ARTCC: Kansas City

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  • Brian Shramek Farms 152.9750 Base/Mobile (Williamsburg/NFM) WQNW308
  • Kingdom Telephone Company 451.4000 Repeater (Auxusasse-Callaway; Americus-Montgomery) (NFM/DMR) KJE436

MCC Missouri LLC (Cable System)

  • 462.375 Repeater, 464.0 Repeater KNJF795
  • 462.45 Repeater, 463.9 Repeater KRU593

Dollar General Warehouse (DOLGENCORP) Fulton

  • Repeaters on 452.275, 452.5, 451.15, Base on 464.25 (NFM) WPNT218


Callaway Electric Coop

  • A Touchstone Energy Cooperative Website
  • Serves Callaway County, 1/3rd of Montgomery County, Parts of Boone and Audrain Counties Service Area/Substation Map Video
  • Callaway Electric Cooperative is made up of nearly 13,000 residential, agricultural, and small and large commercial meters located in rural Callaway and Southern Montgomery County, Missouri. The service area is divided into three voting districts. Three member representatives from each voting district are elected by the membership to serve on the cooperative's board of directors.
  • Motorola MOTOtrbo system Case Study (PDF)

Sometimes a giant leap in productivity and safety comes in a compact package. Just ask Callaway Electric Cooperative which distributes power to nearly 13,000 residential, agricultural and commercial customers across the rolling terrain of central Missouri. With FCC narrowbanding approaching, this resourceful, member-owned cooperative looked at updating its fleet of analog radios. As they delved deeper and explored options, Callaway Electric’s management discovered one solution that was truly tailor-made for utility companies: MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios with integrated Bluetooth® data and interfaced with National Information Solutions Cooperative’s (NISC) Mobile WorkForce management software. Not only was the adoption and integration of MOTOTRBO and NISC’s software applications easy and affordable, it resulted in powerful improvements and positive results for Callaway Electric’s workflow, mobile workforce and ultimately their members.

Using: • MOTOTRBO XPR™ 5550 Mobile Radios • MOTOTRBO XPR™ 7550 and XPR™ 3500 Portable Radios • MOTOTRBO MTR3000 Repeaters • NISC Mobile WorkForce integrated with NISC iVUE®


MOTOTRBO WITH BLUETOOTH DATA TRANSFORMS OPERATIONS John Rayfield of Rayfield Communications, Inc., a local Motorola channel partner, explored many alternatives with the cooperative, including replacing their analog equipment with a MOTOTRBO digital two-way system. “When I learned about MOTOTRBO digital radios,” recalls Greg Salmons, Manager of Operations, “what really shocked me was the price. The money we budgeted to replace part of the analog was enough to replace our whole fleet with the new MOTOTRBO digital radios. The big bonus on top of that was the data. You could send data applications over the MOTOTRBO radio. It worked beyond our expectations.” “One of the advantages they looked at involved using MOTOTRBO for data for mobile computers,” explains John Rayfield. “The typical solution is to use cellular data, but cellular coverage is very poor here and in a large portion of rural Missouri. So using a radio that offers better coverage was very appealing as well as providing voice and data.”

TOGETHER, MOTOTRBO AND NISC STREAMLINE WORK PROCESSES Callaway Electric teamed MOTOTRBO digital radios with NISC Mobile WorkForce and their iVUE Work Management System, an integrated solution that reduces errors and automates repetitive tasks. NISC Mobile WorkForce also enabled employees to access service order scheduling information from the field, alleviating lost paperwork since tasks are managed electronically.

According to Lesa Akers, “Service orders are transferred to the laptop in the truck via the MOTOTRBO radios. When our field employees start their day, they turn on their radios, power up their laptops and sign in. Then they connect the Bluetooth to their MOTOTRBO radios and sign in to NISC which communicates with MOTOTRBO via Bluetooth.” “This Bluetooth connection enables us to push service orders out to them, including additional requests throughout the day, which they see on their iVUE screen,” she says. “They do not have to write down any numbers, they simply update tasks as they are completed. Everything is right in front of them via the MOTOTRBO radio.” “The beauty of that is our customer service reps can complete and close those service orders. They do not have to wait until the end of the day to get a pile of papers,” says Greg Salmons. “Now our total service order process is paperless.”


INCREASING EFFICIENCY AND ACCURACY IN REAL TIME With the new MOTOTRBO system in place, Callaway Electric is seeing significant improvements from one end of its service area to the other. Today the cooperative saves time and improves service by reacting faster to unscheduled events and by rapidly dispatching tasks to linemen in real time, right in the field. No longer are there inaccurate or lost work orders or second guesses on which worker is at a particular job.

“With MOTOTRBO, we have real time communication with our trucks now. Our linemen enter their data right into the computer instead of having to write it down on a service order. Everything is sent back to the office electronically,” says Lesa Akers. “We no longer have trouble reading their writing and actually get much better information from them.” “The Bluetooth has worked very well,” she adds. “We connect in the morning and have no issues losing the connection throughout the day. Even moving computers from one truck to another has been effortless. There are no cables to get in the way.”

RESPONDING RAPIDLY TO RESTORE POWER When Mother Nature turns nasty, MOTOTRBO shines, according to Greg Salmons, Callaway Electric’s Manager of Operations. “We just went through a storm of 10 to 12 inches of snow. Half of our customers were without power at one time. The MOTOTRBO radio system was flawless. The voice coverage never had any issues, even with the bad weather,” says Salmons. “We brought in four other utilities to help us – a lot of radio traffic. There were two of us dispatching all the time. To have that reliable contact is priceless. I cannot imagine what would happen if the radio system was down. We could not run in a storm like that.”

GAINING GREATER COVERAGE AND COST-SAVINGS “MOTOTRBO has given us the avenue to send data out without any cellular cost or monthly expense,” says Greg Salmons. “It has exceeded what phone service would have done because we knew there were going to be dead spots in cell phone service. We are not seeing that today with the digital radio.”

John Rayfield underscores its cost efficiency, too. “The interface with the NISC software is very simple and very easy to implement, especially with MOTOTRBO Bluetooth data. It has been remarkable how well it has worked. Coverage has been excellent, and instead of spending up to seventy dollars per month for air card service, Callaway Electric doesn’t have any monthly fees. The cost savings alone are well worth it.”

ENHANCING WORKER SAFETY AND SERVICE “Safety is the main thing –the importance of our people being able to call into the office when they are away from the truck, way out in a blind section,” says Greg Salmons. “Whether they need to notify the office or co-workers on what they need or to bring supplies, it is very important". Clint Smith points out that the snowstorm is a great example of how MOTOTRBO helps keeps workers safer and streamlines restoration. The ability to send data in real time over MOTOTRBO means they can use voice for safety issues. “We used to be calling our outages out and be receiving them in. The radio was tied up and our people had to wait just to restore a breaker or a fuse. The safety aspect is much greater than in the past. By freeing up the radio, it took less time to turn the lights back on,” he says. Whether crews are working in a severe storm or on a simple meter change, CEO Thomas W. Howard believes “MOTOTRBO is the lifeline for our linemen’s safety, health and well-being. It allows them to do their jobs safely and efficiently, and get service to our members restored as quickly as possible.”


Attractions / Recreation

Kinderhook Resort (Camdenton)

  • Golf Course - 40-2W portables on 462.5124, 462.4125, 467.4125, 467.2875 (NFM Voice/Data) WRZI364 Issued 11/23

Callaway Raceway


Barrington JC Licensee

  • 461.5750 Base / 466.5750 mobiles NFM at New Bloomfield - TV Ops KSJ704

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