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Tower Construction - November 2016 - May 2020<br/>
Tower Construction - November 2016 - May 2020<br/>
Radio Coverage Testing - Summer 2017 - Fall 2020<br/>
Radio Coverage Testing - Summer 2017 - Fall 2020<br/>
Project Completion - 2017-12-31
Project Completion - 2020-12-31
==== WQTP882 ====
==== WQTP882 ====

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameCalvert County (P16)
OwnerCalvert County
Owner TypePublic
CityPrince Frederick
CountyCalvert County
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type II Smartnet
Connect Tone97.30
P25 NAC?

FCC Callsign(s)
WPFN680, WQTP882, WQTQ332

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Welcome to the Calvert County (P16) collaboration article, a Public Trunked Radio System located in Calvert County County, Maryland, United States.
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Calvert County utilizes a Motorola Trunking Radio System for Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement (Sheriff's Office), and many other county services.

Fire/EMS Dispatch

Fire and EMS are dispatched using 33.820 MHz. This dispatch channel is also simulcasted on the 800 MHz TRS using talkgroup 1840 (Ch. A1 Main).

Fire/EMS Tactical Talkgroup Usage

Calvert County utilizes three talkgroups for Fire and EMS. After being dispatched, units move to their assigned tactical channel for operations. County 911 monitors all tactical channels. Usually EMS calls share Tac 3 while Tac 1 and 2 are generally for fires, HAZMAT, rescue, and other larger incidents.

  • Tac 1 - Fire/Rescue
  • Tac 2 - Fire/Rescue
  • Tac 3 - EMS

Law Enforcement Talkgroup Usage

Sheriff's Office

The main dispatch and working talkgroup is 1616 (Police Main). There are three tac talkgroups that are used sporadically as most of the traffic occurs on main.

Maryland State Police

Maryland State Police utilizes talkgroup 2576 as part of their communications system.

Future Plans

A contract has been awarded to Motorola Solutions, Inc. for the installation and maintenance of a new public safety radio system for Calvert County.

New Fire/EMS Paging Frequency

Due to the age of the existing paging system (VHF-Low) a new paging frequency (154.39250) has been licensed for this purpose.


According to a "slow growth" request letter to the FCC, Calvert County is planning for a new Motorola P-25 Phase II TRS in the next few years. They've already secured new frequencies as listed below.

Contract Execution - 2016-03-15
Tower Construction - November 2016 - May 2020
Radio Coverage Testing - Summer 2017 - Fall 2020
Project Completion - 2020-12-31


  • 857.1375
  • 858.1375
  • 858.5125
  • 859.1125
  • 859.5125


  • 856.0375
  • 857.0875

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