Cape Girardeau County (MO)

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Municipality and Districts

Cape Girardeau County Sheriff/911

Dispatches: Fire - Millersville, Delta, Whitewater, Gordonville, Fruitland, East County & Cape Co. EOC


  • 3540 (heard on 154.19R)

3100 - North Co. Fire Prot. Dist
3200 - City of Cape Girardeau*
3300 - Jackson City Fire
3400 - Fruitland FPD
3500 - Millersville FPD
3600 - Gordonville FPD
3700 - Whitewater FPD
3800 - Delta FPD
3900 - East Co. FPD
EMA - Emergency Management

  • New Cape Girardeau City FD vehicle designated 3214

This was listed under the county, but not sure why, in use by Scott City: (155.77500 BM PWSD1 Ops County Public Water District #1 FM Public Works )

Water Districts

Cape Girardeau Public Water Supply District #5

  • WQND961 173.20375 Fixed Data

Cape Girardeau (City)

Police Department
Traffic/Citywide Units use badge number as unit number.
Units specifically running traffic will use "Traffic xxx"
"Zebra" Units are assigned to patrol one of 4 specific areas of the city.
K9 is the canine patrol unit
Lincoln One is the station commander
Sam One is the on-duty shift supervisor
David units are Detectives

"PD Main" is 155.250 out/154.650 in (141.3 PL)repeater
"PD Direct" is 155.250 (141.3 PL) simplex
"TAC" is 155.790 (412 DPL) simplex

Normally, during incidents - units not involved with these incidents are requested to go to "TAC" for normal operations. This leaves the repeater clear for the units on scene to operate with their WT's. Also, if there is trouble with the main repeater system, normal operations will be shifted to either "PD Direct" or "TAC"

Cape Girardeau Fire Department
"Fire Main" is 154.310 out/150.775 in (624 DPL) repeater
Central Dispatch does a tone out test every morning at 7 AM.
With one exceptions, units are identified by type, i.e. "Engine 1". The newest unit is identified as "3214" and appears to be using the Cape Girardeau County numbering system.

Outside Agencies
Jackson City FD has the ability to use the Cape Girardeau City FD repeater system.
All Cape Girardeau County rural FPD apparatus has the ability to use the Cape Girardeau City FD repeater system.
Scott City FD apparatus has the ability to use the Cape Girardeau FD repeater system.
Cape Girardeau City FD
Cape Girardeau City FD apparatus has the ability to operate on the Jackson FD system
Cape Girardeau City FD apparatus has the ability to use the Scott City FD repeater system.
Cape Girardeau City FD apparatus has the ability to use the Cape Girardeau PD repeater system.

Cape Girardeau FD Radio Channels:
Channel 1 - 154.130 (Fireground)
Channel 4 - 154.280 (Mutual Aid Channel "Red")

FTO's For Cape Girardeau Fire Department
Station 1 - 1122.5/1153.4
Station 2 - 1122.5/1185.2
Station 3 - 1122.5/1217.8
Station 4 - 1122.5/1251.4
Tone 5 - 1185.2/1122.5 On duty Batt. Chief
Public Works

These hve been removed from DB, no traffic heard on 155.5 and 155.7 appears to be the city of Miner

155.500  141.3 PL CG CtySrvs1  City Services (No License, invalid freq)  
155.700  107.2 PL CG CtySrvs2  City Services (No License)  
460.300  WPPA237  M  CG Engineer  Engineering Data
460.375  WPPA237  M  CG Engineer  Engineering Data

Hospitals and EMS

EMS Agencies

EMS services are provided by the Cape County Private Ambulance Service who provides EMS services to all of Cape Girardeau County. CCPA is dispatched out of their dispatch center at 1458 N. Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau. Inital EMS calls are made to the 911 center and then sent to the CCPA dispatch center. CCPA EMS units operate on 155.205 simplex with mobile extenders on 467.9375, 467.9875, 468.1125 and 468.1875 simplex. EMS units also have 155.340 capability, however they contact both local medical centers on 155.205 as both St. Francis and Southeast hospitals have capability on this frequency. CCPA has been monitored on Cape Girardeau PD Main.

Southeast Missouri Hospital (Cape Girardeau)


Cape Girardeau County Sheriff Office Dispatch		49014
Cape Girardeau Police Department Dispatch		49015
Jackson Police Department Dispatch		        49018


Cape Giradeau City Schools

Neil Holcomb R5 School District

  • WQPE673 for Mobiles on 461.9375, 463.5625, 463.7125, 464.6625, 464.7875 (11K)


Southeast Missouri University (Cape)

SEMO Shoe Me Center

  • 9/12 FCC App 0005433725 for Security: Low Power Base/Mobile on 151.97, 159.57, 159.84, 159.96, 160.1625 (NFM)



  • Delta Concrete 460.75 Repeater (Jackson) KNGU273
  • EMO Industries 151.595 Repeater with 159.675 input (Cape) KR)545 (Telephone Line Installation)
  • Frucon Industrial Services 452.2125 Repeater (11K at Jackson) WQPL509 Construction
  • SEMO Ready Mix 152.99 Base/Mobile (11K at Jackson STA for WNYS839) WQPE759
152.3450 157.60500  WQDW466  RM  M & W Packaging (Jackson)    
152.9300            WQGZ293  M   Semo Milling LLC (3-25wt Cape G)    
159.5100            WQGZ293  M   Semo Milling LLC (3-25wt Cape G)    
160.1850            WQGZ293  M   Semo Milling LLC (3-25wt Cape G)    
451.7750            WQFR712  BM  Strack Stone Company (Cape Girardeau)  
158.2500 153.695    WNSO492  RM  Arkansas Western gas Company  


  • Johannes Auto Sales - 461.925 Repeater (Cape) WNHB885
  • Johannes Auto Sales - 461.8 Base/Mobile (Jackson) WNHB885
  • West Park Mall - 464.275 Repeater (NFM) Cape Girardeau
43.02000      WQFX325  BM DLH Services  DLH Services: Bridge/Road Construction (Cape G)   
151.655  159.765  WQGD212  RM JCDTelLink 1  JCD/Tel Link: Radio Sales/Service (Cape Girardeau)   
151.985  159.87   WQGD212  RM JCDTelLink 2  JCD/Tel Link: Radio Sales/Service (Cape Girardeau)    
461.90000   WNHZ848  RM JCS 461.9  Johnson Communications Service (was MO-ARK Communications) (Cape)    
464.27500   WPZI821  RM West Park Mall - Maintenance/Security (Phone Patch)

Recreation and Attractions

Isle of Capri Casino - Cape Girardeau

  • Website
  • WQPG695: 461.8375, 463.625, 463.975, 464.975 (FB8)
  • 5/12 Application for Mobiles on 452.4125, 452.5125, 452.8375, 457.4125, 457.8375 (1KK/8K)