Carver County (MN)

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Radio ID's

Unit ID User
1400 Chaska Police

Sheriffs Department

1st 2 Digits Area 3rd Digit shift 4th Digit Car!
A1 Sheriff
A2 Chief Deputy
A3 Commander
A4 Lt.
A5 Lt.
A6 Lt.
2A District 2 Patrol Car 1 Days 1 1st Squad
2B Chanhassen Car 2 Nights 2 2nd Squad
2C Victoria Car 3 3rd squad
3A District 3 Patrol Car 4 4th Squad
3B City of Carver Car 5 5th Squad
3C Norwood Young America Car 6 6th Squad
4A District 4 Patrol Car 7 7th Squad
4B Waconia Car 8 8th Squad
4C Watertown Car 9 9th Squad
5A Countywide Car
5F Community Service Officers
5G Snowmobile Patrol
5H Water Patrol
5H Water Patrol Waconia Boat 1 1 5
5H Water Patrol Waconia Boat 2 1 6
5H Water Patrol Mobile Boat 1 2 5
5H Water Patrol Mobile Boat 2 2 6
5I Park Patrol
6B Civil Divison
6C School Resource Officers
6D Investigations
7B Jail
7C Safety Patrol
7D Posse
7E Dive Team
7F Communications

Pager Tones

The following is fire & rescue tone-out information. Paged out on 154.100 Mhz

Agency Tone A Tone B
Carver Fire/Rescue 371 457.9
Chaska Fire/Rescue 371 767.4
Chanhassen Fire/Rescue 371 624
Cologne Fire/Rescue 371 1046
Hamburg Fire/Rescue 622.8 944
Mayer Fire/Rescue 944 507.9
New Germany Fire/Rescue 1046 562
Norwood-Young America Fire/Rescue 767.4 562
Victoria Fire/Rescue 410.8 457.9
Waconia Fire/Rescue 507.9 457.9
Watertown Fire/Rescue 384.6 1046