Centre County Public Safety Unknown Talkgroups

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Centre County Unknown Talkgroups

Link to Centre County's SOP for the 800 MHz system. This was downloaded from the county website. It contains all the talkgroup names and their uses.

TG 190
affiliation from 44197 Solved February 2022, channel is PD Tactical for SWAT/TRT responses

TG 97 (61) with a RID of 50538, 50505

TG 205 (CD)
Unknown as of 10/12/2021, seen 5/15/22, possibly a PW channel. Solved, SC Sanitation.

TG 246 (F6) with a RID of 51350, 51353.

TG 213 (D5): RID of 42603, affiliation seen 3/26/2022, possibly a court security channel.

TG 2117 (845): RID of 122, affiliation seen various days in April 2022. Appears to be an unknown law enforcement channel.

TG 145 (91): RID of 55511, multipule affliation hits on 6/14/2022. Public Works?

Announcement Group 1003 (3EB): Appears to be the default announcement group for 2xxxx (fire) radios.

Announcement Group 1002 (3EA): Appears to be the secondary announcement group for 2xxxx (fire) radios.

Penn State University Unknown Talkgroups

These were the proposed channels for the new system. Need talkgroup ID's for these channels so they can be added to the database. The talkgroups should generally be limited to the PSU Ford Bldg. site

BJC ANNOUNCE: Solved on 10/12/2021, the hexadecimal code is 0a5.
PSU PARK: Currently unknown as of 10/12/2021, possible PSU Traffic 1 with the talk group hexadecimal code of 0c6.

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