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*UofI FD (Willard Airport) 300's
*UofI FD (Willard Airport) 300's
*Champaign County ESDA 9000’s, 9100's
*Champaign County ESDA 9000’s, 9100's
* 8287 EMS heard on 151.3475 (6/21)
Numbering break down by digit:
Numbering break down by digit:

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Champaign County Government

Municipalities and Districts

Homer (Village)

  • 456.05 FXO at Homer/Ogden for Water Data

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Arrow Ambulance (AMSEC)

Arrow Medical Services / Carle Arrow Ambulance

  • Carle Arrow Ambulance, based in Champaign, IL operated by/under the direction of Carle Foundation Hospital (Urbana, IL), the region's only Level 1 Trauma Center and Level 3 Perinatal / Neonatal Center . Arrow is a 911 Responding, ALS (1 ILS volunteer unit), Metropolitan & Rural, Hospital Based, Private & Non-for-Profit Ambulance Service.

Serving the emergency needs of Champaign, Dewitt, and Douglas Counties with postings in Champaign/Urbana, Sadorus, Tuscola, Villa Grove, and Farmer City with a Paramedic first responder is stationed 24/7 with Cornbelt Fire Protection District (Mahomet).

Providing Emergency Medical Services to the Citizens of Champaign, Urbana & Bondville fire protection areas by assignment of Medic Response Zones, which rotate monthly.

Primary EMS transporting provider in Champaign, Douglas, and Dewitt Counties to the following Fire Departments / Districts: Broadlands/Longview Carroll, Cornbelt, Edgescott, Sadorus/Ivesdale, Philo, Pesotum, Sidney, St. Joseph, Tolono, Atwood, Camargo, Farmer City, Newman, Tuscola, and Villa Grove.

Each ambulance is ALS, staffed with minimum of one Paramedic and one EMT-B. The ambulance in Sadorus is staffed with at least one EMT-I & EMT-B with personnel provided by Sadorus/Ivesdale Fire.

The company has 12 ambulances at this time: 8275, 8276, 8277, 8278, 8279, 8281, 8282, 8283, 8284, 8285, 8286, 8287. 2 Command Units: 8210 staffed by the Director and 8230 staffed by “Badge 3”. Special Service Vehicles: 8291 an ALS equipped stretcher transporting golf cart for U of I sports events & other standby’s as well as 8292 which is the Large Incident/Relief Mobile Clinic, responds primarily for working fires in Champaign and adjoining counties. Arrow also operates two wheelchair units 8221 and 8222 that are used for hospital discharge units to take wheelchair bound people home after hospital stays.

Airlife 1 Carle Foundation Hospital and ARCH Air Medical Service, Inc. have come together to offer emergency air medical transportation services to east central Illinois. The 18-member flight crew consists of experienced EMS pilots, physicians, critical care flight registered nurses, obstetrical and neonatal nurses, and critical care flight paramedics. AirLife currently operates one twin engine Eurocopter BK-117 with a travel speed of 150 miles per hour. They are dispatched jointly through ARCH in Saint Louis and AMSEC in Champaign.

AMSEC – Arrow Medical Services Emergency Communications Working in conjunction with METCAD (Champaign County PSAP), CENCOM (Dewitt County PSAP), and “Douglas” (Douglas County PSAP), AMSEC telecommunicators are tasked with the gathering of information related to a pending medical call provided by the PSAP/Private Caller, pinpointing its location, dispatching the appropriate unit, and support of units responding to an emergency call. All AMSEC telecommunicators are National Academy of Emergency Dispatch, Emergency Medical Dispatch Trained/Certified to provide private line callers the same experience as calling 9-1-1. Primary means of communication is a base Motorola Centracom which allows monitoring/speaking on Arrow Ops 1(MDICE), Arrow CU/Airlife Paging (UHF), and Arrow Douglas Talk/Paging (UHF), and Champaign County Fire Paging which is simulcast on Arrow Paging Channel (VHF). All units have individual dual tones which allows AMSEC to open their station/unit Minitor V.

Arrow uses MDICE FIRE OPS 1 or FIREGROUND channels to communicate with METCAD for calls in Champaign County. ARROW OPS 1 used as primary talk channel for all units and AMSEC.

OSF Pro Ambulance (Champaign)

The Pro unit at Savoy changes twice a day. Pro works 12 hr days so a new unit comes in at shift change. At any one time 4 of their units are just parked in the bay at Pro Central in Champaign.


  • 1 unit at Pro Central (Neil and Springfield)
  • 1 unit at Savoy Fire
  • 1 unit at Rantoul Police/Fire
  • 1 unit at Champaign 4 or Urbana 1 (depends on the month Arrow and Pro trade Champaign (Medic 4) and Urbana (Medic 1) response areas on the 15th of each month)

EMS Units: 3P41 thru 3P48 (Plates 6 716 01 - 6 716 08) Type III ALS

Schools and Colleges

The majority of Champaign County scanner information is currently found on the Champaign-Urbana wiki page.

The following agencies use IWIN: Champaign County Sheriff's Department, Champaign Fire Department; Police: Champaign, Gifford, Homer, Ludlow, Ogden, Rantoul, Tolono, Urbana, U of I

CUSD#7 (Tolono)

  • 10/12 FCC App 0005453469 for Wireless Clocks on 467.2125 Mobiles/pagers

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Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire/EMS Units

Champaign Co Fire Unit IDs

Fire/EMS (New late 2007)

  • Arrow Ambulance 8200’s
  • Bondville FD 900’s
  • Broadlands-Longview FPD 2000's (Longview) and 2100's (Broadlands)
  • Carroll FPD 6100’s
  • Champaign FD 100’s
  • Cornbelt FPD 2200's
  • Eastern Prairie FPD 6000’s
  • Edge Scott FPD 6600’s
  • Gifford FPD 700's
  • Homer FPD 1900's
  • Ivesdale FPD 1400's
  • Ludlow FPD 600's
  • Ogden-Royal FPD 1300’s
  • Pesotum FPD 1600's
  • Philo FPD 1700's
  • Pro Ambulance 8900’s
  • Rantoul 2300's
  • Sadorus FPD 1500's
  • St. Joseph-Stanton FPD 1100’s
  • Sangamon Valley FPD 500’s
  • Savoy FD 400’s
  • Seymour FPD 3300’s
  • Sidney FPD 1800’s
  • Thomasboro FPD 800's
  • Tolono FPD 2400’s
  • Urbana FD 200’s
  • UofI FD (Willard Airport) 300's
  • Champaign County ESDA 9000’s, 9100's
  • 8287 EMS heard on 151.3475 (6/21)

Numbering break down by digit: AABC or ABC, A= Department, B= Unit Type, C= Station or Specific Unit

Unit types:

00 Stations
0x Chief Officers
10 Command
20 Command
1x Staff
2x Staff
3X Staff
4x Staff (CFD is using if for their SWAT Medics)
5x Engines
6x Ladders (Also Water Tenders last number 5 and 6)
7x Squads
8x Utility/Reserve
9x Special Ops


Champaign Fire
Station 1- Car 110, Eng 151, Ladder 161, Squad 171, Res Eng 187, Res Squad 172, Utility 182? (Pickup)
Station 2- Eng 152
Station 3- Eng 153
Station 4- Eng 154, Ladder 164
Station 5- Eng 155, Res Eng 185, Res Eng 186, Res Ladder 165, Inv Van 199
Station 6- Eng 156, Haz-Mat 191, Div 3 Decon Truck (192?)
Car 101, 102, 103, 104

Urbana Fire
Station 1- Car 220, Eng 251, Ladder 261
Station 2- Eng 252, Res Eng 258
Station 3- Eng 253, Res Eng 259
Station 4- Eng 254, Res Eng 257?(old 251)
Car 201, 202, 203, 204

Arrow Ambulance
Arrow unit numbers have changed to conform to the new county fire numbering system. Here are the new numbers:
Car 1 (Arrow Director) is now 8201
Car 2 (Operations Manger-East/ Vermilion Co) is now 8202
Truck 3 (Dispatch Supervisor) is now 8203/8230
8204 (Operations Manger- Champaign/ Douglas/ Farmer City)
8210 was Car 4 (Crew cab F-350 Supervisor Unit- Danville)
8220 (Shift Supervisor- Champaign) 2016 Ford Explorer

8261 (Champaign- 2018 Chevy/ Braun Express)
8262 (Champaign- 2018 Chevy/ Braun Express)
8265 (Danville- Old Medix unit)
8266 (Danville- Old Medix unit)
8267 (2016 Ford/ Braun)
8268 (Champaign- 2017 Chevy/ Braun Express)
8269 (Pediatric Transport Team- 2017 Ford F-450/ Braun Chief XL)
8271 (Hoopeston or Danville)
8272 (Hoopeston- 2018 Chevy/ Braun Express)
8273 (Hoopeston or Danville)
8274 (Hoopeston)
8275 (Champaign)
8276 (Champaign)
8277 (Champaign)
8278 (Sadorus Fire)
8279 (Champaign-Chevy/ Braun)
8281 (- 2016 Ford/ Braun)
8282 (- 2016 Ford/ Braun)
8283 (Savoy- 2017 Chevy/ Braun Express)
8284 (Champaign BLS Transfer Unit- Chevy/ Braun)
8287 (Champaign)
8288 (Tuscola- 2016 Ford/ Braun)
8289 (Champaign- Chevy/ Braun)
8291 Was 11 (golf cart)

8221 was 21 (Medivan- 2017 Full Size Ford Transit)
8222 was 22 (Medivan- Ford Transit Connect)

New Units include 8292 - Rehab, 8293 - Utility Pickup, 8294 - Utility Flatbed/Plow

ILS Units: 8283 (Sadorus-Volunteer, 1401 and 1501 both ALS providers)

  • More Arrow radio ids are listed here.

Pro Ambulance
Car 8901 (Director)
Car 8950 (Tahoe- Physician Response Vehicle (PRV))
Car 8980 (Suburban- Shift Supervisor)

ALS Units:
8975 (Chevy/ Lifeline- New colors)
8976 (Chevy/ Lifeline- New colors)
8977 (2018 Chevy/ Medix)
8978 (2017 Chevy/ Medix)
8979 (2017 Chevy/ Medix)
8982 (Chevy/ Lifeline- Old Maroon colors)
8983 (Ford leased unit- Danville)
8984 (Chevy/ Lifeline- New colors)
8985 (leased unit)
8986 (2017 Chevy/ Medix)
8987 (2017 Chevy/ Medix)
8988 (2017 Chevy/ Medix)
8989 (Chevy/ Lifeline- New colors)

8991 (Gator)

Tolono Fire Department
Car 2410 (Chief's Car)
Car 2420 & 2430
Engine 2451, 2452, 2454, 2459
Rescue 2479

Savoy Fire Department
Car 410
Engine 451, 452, 453, 454
Ladder 461
Pick Up Truck 481
Air Trailer 491

Edge Scott Fire
Car 6601
Engine 6651 & 6652
Tender 6666
Rescue 6675

Carroll Fire
Engine 6151, 6152, 6153
Rescue 6175- Hummer
Tender 6166
Rescue 6179 - Used Ambulance
Car 6101

Pesotum Fire
Engine 1651 & 1652
Rescue 1675

There are several departments that had some non standard unit numbers. Champaign Trucks are numbered 111 and 114, Cornbelt and Bondville also have non standard numbering. All units switched to new unit id's.

A listing of the old county fire radio id's can be found here.

Champaign Co Sheriff Unit IDs

100s - Univ of IL PD
200s - Univ of IL PD (heard: 276)
300s - Urbana PD
400s - Urbana PD (supervisors)
500s - Sheriff's Dept (heard: 529. 546)
600s - Sheriff's Dept
700s - Champaign PD
900s - Champaign PD (supervisors)
6__5 Fisher
6__6 Ludlow
6__7 Gifford
6__8 Thomasboro
6__13 Ogden
6__19 Homer
6__22 Mohomet
6__24 Tolono

Champaign County Police Beats
Beat 4 Foosland
Beat 5 *Fisher
Beat 6 *Gifford
Beat 7 *Ludlow
Beat 8 *Thomasboro
Beat 10 Savoy
Beat 11 St Joseph
Beat 13 *Ogden
Beat 17 Philo
Beat 18 Sidney
Beat 19 *Homer
Beat 21 Broadlands
Beat 22 *Mahomet
Beat 23 *Rantoul
Beat 24 *Tolono

*designates municipalities having their own PD, others are covered by Sheriff's Dept.
 U of I Unit ID's 3P1 - University Student Patrol (uses PATROL 2) 

NTA - Notice to appear
UTL - unable to locate
RAL - stray animal loose
Satellite - Satellite Jail on Leirman Ave.
Center - Sheriff's Office/Downtown Correctional Center
FI - field interview CCSO - Champaign County Sheriff's Office
"J's" - juveniles RP - reporting party
A.R.M.S. - Areawide Records Management System (used by Urbana, Champaign and U of I PDs)
Post I - U of I police station
Post U - Urbana police station
Post C - Champaign police station

County Activity Codes
Code 1 - EMERGENCY- Officer Needs Help
Code 4 - Situation Secure
Code 21 - 1-man unit
Code 22 - 2-man unit
Code 24 - out of vehicle
Code 27 - Follow Up
Code 29 - Arrest and Booking Activities (Usually means they are at the jail)
Code 41 - Training
Code 44 - Meal Code
Code 48 - Vehicle/ Equipment Maintenance
Code 50 - Report Writing
Code 51 - Building Check

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