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{{Trunking Infobox
|SysName  = Chevron Pascagoula Refinery     
|SysName  = Chevron Pascagoula Refinery     
|SysType  = [[Motorola Type II]]  
|SysType  = [[Motorola Type II]]  

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Chevron Pascagoula Refinery TRS
System Name Chevron Pascagoula Refinery
System Type Motorola Type II
System ID 4009
Connect Tone 128.57
Wide Area Communications Network
Network Access Code ?
TRBO Color Code
Band 800
Ownership Chevron
FCC License
City Pascagoula
County Jackson
State Mississippi

Chevron Pascagoula Refinery System DB Entry
Chevron Pascagoula Refinery FCC Info
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Welcome to the Chevron Pascagoula Refinery collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Jackson County, Mississippi.
This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

General Information

  • System is used for all aspects of refinery operations, maintenance, projects and protection

Codes and Signals


  • Refinery security uses the same codes and signals as Jackson County with the following differences/additons.
  • 10-50 Unlock ___
  • 10-56 Checking ___
  • 10-58 Locking ___
  • 10-59 Special detail

Unit designations

MSP (formerly Mississippi Security Police)

  • MSP is a contracted security company that is responsible for the day to day security operations of the facility.
  • 100's - Command Staff
  • 200's - Refinery Division
  • 300's - Wharf Division
  • 400's - Admin Staff
  • 500's - North Parking Area
  • 600's - Off Site Areas

Mailing Lists

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