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Chicago Office of Emergency Management 800 MHz P25 Phase II TRS
System Name Chicago Office of Emergency Management 800 MHz P25 Phase II
System Type Project 25 Phase II
System ID 87d
Connect Tone
Wide Area Communications Network BEE00
Network Access Code
TRBO Color Code
Band 800
Ownership City of Chicago OEMC
FCC License WQZR530
City Chicago
County Cook
State Illinois

Chicago Office of Emergency Management 800 MHz P25 Phase II System DB Entry
Chicago Office of Emergency Management 800 MHz P25 Phase II FCC Info
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Welcome to the Chicago Office of Emergency Management 800 MHz P25 Phase II collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Cook County, Illinois.
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  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
  • Click HERE for a list of scanners capable of monitoring those talkgroups.

Unidentified Talkgroups

  • 1010 (testing, some ENC) - RIDs 190xxxx
  • 1020 (testing, some ENC) - RIDs 190xxxx
  • 2501
  • 4009 Water Management??
  • 5081 (ENC) - RID 5533xxx, 5538xxx
  • 5100 (ENC?) - RID 5753xxx, 5754xxx
  • 5103 (ENC?) - RID 5555xxx
  • 5105 (ENC?) - RID 5555xxx
  • 5106 (ENC) - RID 57532xx
  • 5109 (ENC) - RID 5753xxx
  • 5111 (ENC) - RID 5753xxx
  • 5118 (ENC) - RID 300xxx
  • 5126 (ENC)
  • 5127 (ENC)
  • 5131 (ENC) - RID 5754xxx
  • 5133 (ENC) - RID 5753xxx
  • 5134 (ENC) - RID 5753xxx
  • 5135 (ENC) - RID 5753xxx
  • 5137 (ENC) - RID 57536xx
  • 5138 (ENC) - RID 57536xx, 57537xx
  • 5201 (ENC) - RID 5753xxx
  • 5203 (ENC) - RID 5754xxx
  • 5402 (ENC) - RID 5754xxx
  • 5411 (ENC) - RID 5411xxx, 57533xx, 5816xxx
  • 5412 (ENC?) - RID 5754xxx
  • 5440 (ENC)
  • 5442 (ENC) - RID 5052xxx
  • 9011 - "CHANNEL 6" (9/17/19)
  • 9012
  • 10001
  • 10002

Radio ID Numbers

  • 2504xxx - O'Hare Communications Center (OCC) consoles/units
  • 2504100 - O'Hare Communications Center (CPD Console)
  • 2701xxx - Midway Airport (various units)
  • 2702xxx - Midway Airport (various units)
  • 2704xxx - Midway Communications Center (MCC) consoles/units
  • 2705xxx - Midway Airport Traffic Management Agency (TMA) units


  • 2900000-2900061...O'Hare CPD Patrol Radios.
  • 2900062-2900080..ALES (Airport Law Enforcement Section) Tact Teams...7262/7263 Series Units.



  • 2900093-CPD Canine 7266A
  • 2900094-CPD Canine 7266E
  • 2900095-CPD Canine 7267B
  • 2900096-
  • 2900097-CPD Canine 7266C
  • 2900098-CPD Canine 7267I
  • 2900099-CPD Canine 7266L
  • 2900100-
  • 2900101-
  • 2900102-CPD Canine 7266H
  • 2900103-CPD Canine 7266K
  • 2900104-CPD Canine 7267K
  • 2900105-CPD Canine 7266M
  • 2900106-CPD Canine 7266D
  • 2900107-CPD Canine 7267A
  • 2900108-CPD Canine 7267F
  • 2900109-CPD Canine 7266J
  • 2900110-CPD Canine 7267J
  • 2900111-CPD Canine 7267H
  • 2900112-CPD Canine 7267E
  • 2900113-CPD Canine 7267C
  • 2900114-CPD Canine 7266F
  • 2900115-CPD Canine 7266I

ALES Administrative Units

  • 2900120-CPD O'Hare Desk (Beat 7202)
  • 2900123-CPD CTA O'Hare Blue Line Station (Beat 7302)
  • 2900124-CPD CTA O'Hare Blue Line Station (Beat 7302)
  • 2900140-ALES Watch Commander (Beat 7299)
  • 2900141-ALES Commander (Beat 7200)
  • 484xxxx - Department of Water Management?
  • 55329xx - Chicago PD Marine Unit

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News Items

City of Chicago OEMC Public Safety Radio System

Justification for an Extended Implementation Period

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications of the City of Chicago respectfully requests an extended implementation period of five (5) years for constructing and placing our proposed system in operation.

The City of Chicago is beginning an effort to modernize our land mobile radio communications. Our goals are to improve efficient use of our existing channels, consolidate disparate systems, enhance security, and plan for T-Band migration. We plan to repurpose channels already licensed to the City of Chicago and to use those channels efficiently for our first responders and the greater good of the citizens of, and the visitors to, our city.

This project is being undertaken for three specific reasons: 1.) to bring together several disparate systems; 2.) to combat the amount of unauthorized transmissions on our current channels; and 3.) to provide a path for our transition from the T-Band as mandated by the Federal government. A significant benefit of this project is not only interoperability between al of the many critical users in the city, but also true operability.

An opportunity exists for the City of Chicago to repurpose 800MHz channels that have been used for our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system because of advances in data communications, the use of private public partnerships, and the potential adoption of FirstNet. We propose to repurpose our existing data channels and combine them with our existing 800MHz trunked voice channels. Our goal is to consolidate five different trunked systems in the city into one interoperable network.

We are proposing a multi-phased plan for slow growth over the next five years, but with tangible benefits at the end of each phase. Our first step is to consolidate the existing trunked systems and channels. We will also integrate Chicago Midway International Airport’s system. Midway currently uses T-Band frequencies. We plan to integrate with the City of Chicago’s Department of Water Management (DWM) to provide enhanced coverage within their critical infrastructure.

Our first phase will consist of 13 simulcast sites (8 Tx/Rx and 5 Rx only), one ASR at Midway, and two separate conventional in-building systems at the DWM filtration plants. The second phase will modernize O’Hare International Airport’s operations and public safety systems with 800 MHz. The subsequent phases will create a framework and methodology to add more departments by adding capacity to the simulcast subsystem accomplished through reallocating additional current data system frequencies. Later phases will integrate the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department Patrol Operations, and Chicago’s public works systems to achieve fully unified city radio.

Below is the proposed implementation schedule. OEMC Channel deployment plan base stations Implementation S

  • Phase Schedule Added Channels Added Departments Total Users
    • 1 9/2017 12 CPD (Specialized Units), Midway 3,000
    • 2 7/2018 17 Water Dept., O’Hare, additional CPD units 6,200
    • 3 6/2019 13 Public Works, additional CPD/CFD units 9,500
    • 4 6/2020 6 Parks, Support Services 12,000
    • 5 6/2021 6 CPD/CFD Citywide Operations 20,000