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==Fire Departments==
==Fire Departments==
*Center City Fire Department
* Fire
**[ Center City Fire Department Website]
*Lindstrom Fire Department
**[ Lindstrom Fire Department Website]
*Chisago Fire Department
**[{9AAB0192-CAA4-4C1F-A427-FC3B33C08B86} Chisago Fire Department Website]
*North Branch Fire Department
*Rush City Fire Department
*Shafer Franconia Fire Department
*Stacy/Lent Fire Department
**[ Stacy/Lent Fire Department Website]
*Taylors Falls Fire Department
**[{F5574584-C45F-4D1A-AB1D-A206D9CE5D0C} Taylors Falls Fire Department]
*Wyoming Fire Department
**[{A1D28DA8-0B1C-4590-BB3D-7BF894565661} Wyoming Fire Department Website]
==Emergency Medical Services==
==Emergency Medical Services==

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Law Enforcement Agencies

Fire Departments

Emergency Medical Services


ARMER Migration


  • Status - Planning to Migrate to ARMER
  • Sites and Status:
Site ID Site Name Status Lat. Long.
Unit ID User
Center Chisago County Dispatch
1xx Chisago County Sheriff Deputies
2xx Wyoming Police
30x North Memorial Ambulance Forest Lake/Lino Lakes
3xx Lakes Area Police
51x North Branch Police
52x North Branch Police
535 Almelund First Responders
546 Center City First Responders
548 Stacy First Responders
549 Wyoming First Responders
551 Schafer First Responders
560 Lakes Region EMS Rush City
561 Rush City Rescue
565 Lakes Region EMS North Branch
566 North Branch Rescue
570 Lakes Region EMS Chisago City
571 Chisago City Rescue
572 Lakes Region EMS
1301-1312 Individual Dispatchers
132x Chisago County Sheriff Jailers/Prisoner Transport
Kxxx MN DNR Conservation Officers
43xx North Branch Fire
48xx Stacy Fire
49xx Wyoming Fire
51xx Schafer Fire
53xx Almelund Fire
972 St. Croix Falls (Wisc) Ambulance
4xx Formerly Lindstrom Police
7xx Formerly Taylors Falls Police
8xx Formerly Rush City Police