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Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)

Clackamas County has a "patchwork" of public safety answering points (PSAPs), and depending on where you live or your location at the time, you may talk to one or more of the following.

Clackamas County Communications

Non-Emergency Dispatch | 503-655-8211
Clackamas County Communications (CCOM) provides emergency and non-emergency dispatch to most agencies within Clackamas County. Except for the jurisdiction of the below agencies, CCOM is the primary PSAP for the county, and will reroute calls to the appropriate agency if necessary.

Lake Oswego Communications

Non-Emergency Dispatch | 503-635-0238
Lake Oswego Communications (LOCOM) provides emergency and non-emergency dispatch for the Lake Oswego Fire Department and for police agencies in Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, and West Linn.

Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency

Non-Emergency Dispatch | 503-629-0111
Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (WCCCA) handles fire and EMS calls within the cities of West Linn and Wilsonville, and the unincorporated areas of Stafford, Rosemeont, and any areas east of I-5 between Lake Oswego to the north and the Willamette River to the south. If you need fire or EMS, CCOM will either transfer your call to WCCCA or take your information and call WCCCA on your behalf.


Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (CCSO)

CCOM Channels

C-COM utilizes 800MHz and VHF frequencies for dispatch service. The 800 MHz talkgroups are multicast on the corresponding VHF frequencies.

CCOM staffs two or three frequencies depending on the time of day.

2-Net Configuration – Law 1 and Law 2 are staffed during the hours of 0300-1200 hours. The 2-Net configuration may be switched to a 3-Net configuration outside the normal hours depending on operational needs and staffing availability.

3-Net Configuration – Law 1, Law 2, and Law3 are staffed during the hours of 1200-0300 hours.

During the 2 Net Configuration – Law1 is the primary frequency for all agencies and districts, except Corrections and USFS LEOs who use Net 2 as their primary frequency. This is where calls for service are dispatched to law enforcement officers and field initiated activity occurs. Net 2 is a support frequency utilized for Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS)/NCIC requests, tow requests and other routine matters. Law 3 may be used for car-to-car communications. During this time Law 3 is not monitored by CCOM.

During the 3 Net Configuration – Law 1 is the primary frequency for Oregon City, Gladstone, Wilsonville, West Side, 99E, 82nd, Happy Valley, Transit Police, and Clackamas Districts. Law 2 is the primary frequency for Canby, Molalla, and Sandy cities and also for Metro, South, East, Estacada, Damascus, Boring, Mountain Districts, the USFS LEO Officers, and Corrections. Law 3 is the support frequency for LEDS/NCIC, tow requests, etc. During this time Law 3 may be used for car-to-car transmissions by units on the VHF radio system. Units on the 800MHz radio system normally use an alternate talkgroup for car to car transmissions during 3-Net operations.


Agency ID

A - Adam - Clackamas Community College Public Safety
B - Boy - Canby P.D.
C - Charlie - Corrections / Code Enforcement
D - David - CCSO Uniform Patrol Deputy
E - Edward - Damascas/Boring Enhanced Patrol District
F - Frank - Marine Deputy / USFS Forestry Unit
G - George - Estacada Enhanced Patrol District
H - Henry - Gladstone P.D.
J - John - DA's Office Investigator
K - King - CCSO Civil Deputy
L - Lincoln - Lake Oswego P.D. (LOCOMM)
M - Mary - Milwaukie P.D.
N - Nora - Molalla P.D.
O - Oscar - Aurora P.D.
P - Paul - Oregon City P.D.
R - Robert - Sandy P.D.
S - Sam - West Linn P.D. (LOCOMM)
T - Tom - Wilsonville Enhanced Patrol District
V - Victor - Happy Valley Enhanced Patrol District
W - Willy - Medical Examiner / District Attorney
X - X-ray - CCOM Communications
Y - Yellow - Specialized Patrol Deputies (All Agencies)
Z - Detectives/SIU

Call signs are standardized among the different member agencies. They indicate shift designator, agency designator and a district or assigned identifier number. The designators are always in this order to provide consistency among agencies.

2D70 Day shift/ CCSO Patrol/ East County
1R1 Graveyard/ Sandy Police

The first digit primarily designates shifts, although they may also be used to designate various special units.

1 Graveyard
2 Day
3 Swing/Cover
4 Swing
5 K-9 Units/Medical Examiner
6 Support Services/Administrative/USFS/School Resource Officers (SROs)/Code Enforcement
7 Reserves
8 Traffic/Corrections/DA
9 SWAT and Hostage Negotiators
10 Search and Rescue
11 Cadets/Explorers
12 CCSO Off Duty Deputy

The second digit will be the agency designator as previously defined. The last digits will be the district identifier number or special assignment call sign.


2D100 Sheriff
2D101 Chief Deputy
2D102-109 Captains
2D110-119 Lieutenants
2D200 First Sergeant
D90-99 Patrol Sergeants

D1-89 County Patrol Units
E1-9 Damascus Patrol Units

F90-99 Marine Sergeants
F10-19 Marine Units
F20-29 Forest Service Contract

G1-9 Estacada Patrol Units

K90-99 Civil Sergeants
K10-29 Civil Units
K40-49 Civil Transport

T1-9 Wilsonville Patrol Units

V1-9 Happy Valley Patrol Units

2Z90-99 Detective Sergeants
2Z10-89 Detectives


Westside Cars
D8 Wild – Westside & 99E Side

99E/McLoughlin Cars
D20 Wild – 82nd & 99E Side

82nd Ave/Clackamas Cars
D20 Wild – 82nd & 99E Side

Boring Cars
D60, D62, D63, D65, D67
D69 Wild – Boring & Mountain

Mountain Cars
D61, D64, D66, D68
D69 Wild – Boring & Mountain

East Cars
D77 Wild car – East & Metro

Metro Cars
D77 Wild car – East & Metro

South Cars

Contract Cities
E1-9 Damascus
G1-9 Estacada
T1-9 Wilsonville
V1-9 Happy Valley

Transit Police

9750 Commander
9751-9752 Lieutenants
3750-3759 Sergeants
1780-1789 Patrol

Canby Police Department

Canby Police Department Website
122 N. Holly
Canby, Or 97013

The Department consists of 28 personnel: 24 sworn and 4 non-sworn support personnel.

Radio Designators

B100 Chief
B111 Lieutenant
B50-59 Detective
B90-99 Corporals/Sergeants
B1-Bxx Patrol Officers
5Bxx K9
6B70-72 CSO/PPY/Parking
7Bxx Reserve Officers
8Bxx Traffic

“xx” is number permanently assigned by department.

Gladstone Police Department

Gladstone Police Department Website
525 Portland Ave.
Gladstone, OR 97027

Gladstone PD has 16 sworn officers

Radio Designators

H100 Chief
H90-99 Sergeants
H1-Hxx Patrol Officers
5Hx K-9
6H40 CSO/Ordinance
7Hxx Reserve Officers
8Hxx Traffic

“xx” is number permanently assigned by department.

Molalla Police Department

Molalla Police Department Website
117 N. Molalla Ave.
P.O. Box 248
Molalla, OR 97038

Molalla PD has 12 sworn officers, 3 non-sworn support, 8 reserve officers, and 7 volunteers.

Radio Designators

N100 Chief
N90-99 Corporals/Sergeants
N1-Nxx Patrol Officers
N50 Detective
5Nxx K-9
7Nxx Reserve Officers
8Nxx Traffic

“xx” is number permanently assigned by department.

Oregon City Police Department

Oregon City Police Department Website
320 Warner Milne Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Oregon City PD has over 35 sworn officers!
Oregon Citd PD District Patrol Map

Radio Designators

P100 Chief
P101-102 Lieutenants
P90-99 Corporals/Sergeants
P50-59 Detectives
P41 Parking Patrol
P10-Pxx Patrol Officers
5Pxx K-9
6Pxx Off Duty Numbers (for Court/Details/etc.)
7P79-99 Reserves
8P Traffic

“xx” is number permanently assigned by department.

Sandy Police Department

Sandy Police Department Website
38970 Proctor Blvd.
Sandy, Oregon 97055

Sandy PD has 13 sworn officers, and 3 non-sworn support.

Radio Designators

R100 Chief
R102 Lieutenant
R90-99 Corporals/Sergeants
R1-Rxx Patrol Officers
5Rxx K-9
6Rxx SROs
7R20-39 Reserves
8Rxx Traffic
11Rxx Explorers

“xx” is number permanently assigned by department.

United States Forest Service

CCOM provides limited communications and support for the US Forest Service in Clackamas County.

Radio Designators

6F111 Officer In Charge
F60-Fxx LEO’s

“xx” is number permanently assigned by department.


Radio Designators


“xx” is number permanently assigned by department.

Codes & Dispositions

Radio Codes

All units and agencies using the radio nets must make a cooperative effort to eliminate unneeded radio transmissions. Availability of airtime will help ensure officer safety.

Status Codes

CODE 0 Officer needs immediate help/Officer in peril

CODE 1 Routine call/response, contact; detail could be interrupted if another situation arises.

CODE 3 Emergency response required.

CODE 4 No assistance needed. This is an automatic cancellation of all other units.

CODE 5 Surveillance.

Out of Vehicle Codes

CODE 7 Meal Break

On Reports Writing reports.

Code 7/Reports Code 7 and writing reports.

COFFEE Coffee break.

OUT of car Out of the car for a period of time.

R-2 Code 4 Follow up. Your status will not be checked.

10 Codes

10-3 Stop transmitting – Used by supervisors to advise a unit monopolizing air time.

10-4 O.K./Acknowledged last transmission

10-7 Off Duty

10-8 On Duty

10-9 Repeat last transmission

10-15 Enroute to jail with a custody, if “X” is used then the prisoner is of the opposite sex of the officer

10-19 Enroute to office/station

10-35 Is radio clear to copy confidential information? Used to ask if a unit is clear to receive officer safety, runaway juvenile or warrant information.

10-35/Information Used to indicate non-custody officer safety information, such as correction clients, application for a concealed weapons permit and weapons permits that have been denied, revoked or are to be seized.

10-35W Indicates possession of a concealed weapons permit.

12 Codes

12-5 Transporting citizen, a destination and mileage should be provided.

12-8 Meet Officer

12-34 Mental Subject

12-40 Unit’s Residence

12-44 Dead subject

Clearance Codes

Q Dispatch clearance codes, used by dispatch only.
Q1 Cancel, no police service needed
Q2 Disregard, assigned to another agency
Q3 Cancel, disposition code not given

R Report will be written
R1 Original report
R2 Supplemental report

S Unable to Locate
S1 Can not locate person
S2 No such address
S3 Condition complained of does not exist

T Premises checked
T1 False alarm
T2 Found Secure
T3 Made Secure

W Call Serviced
W1 Assignment completed
W2 Person Assisted
W3 Person Advised/Referred
W4 Hazard Corrected/Removed
W5 Delivered person/message/package
W6 Peace restored
W7 Nuisance Abated
W8 Arrest/investigation made by another Agency/officer

X Suspicious activity
X1 Person checked
X2 Vehicle checked

Y Action Taken
Y1 FCR completed
Y2 Warning given
Y3 Citation issued


Clackamas County Fire District #1 (CCFD)

District map to all CCFD #1 station locations

Station/Apparatus List

Beavercreek Station 10

22310 S Beavercreek Road
Beavercreek, OR 97004

Engine 10 - 2008 Pierce Impel Engine
Water Tender 10 - 2008 Pierce International Tender
Brush 10 - 1995 Dodge Brush Rig
Volunteer Engine 20

Clackamas Station 8

16100 SE 130th Avenue
Clackamas, OR 97015

Engine 8 - 2003 ALF Pumper
Water Rescue 8 - 2007 Pierce International 4400
Training Engine 28 - 2003 HME Central State Pumper
Boat 8 Rogue Jet - Boat 8 is a 2012 Rogue Jet Boat with rigid hull and inflatable side tubes. It is powered by 350hp Marine Power motor with Hamilton 212 pump. Boat 8 can carry 6-8 people with ease.

Boat 8 Almar - B8 is a 1999 Almar RAIV (Rigid Aluminum Inflatable Vessel). It has inflatable side tubes with a rigid hull designed for most water types in Clackamas County. It is motored by a 175 Sportjet and a Motion Marine lower pump unit.

Water Rescue 28 - Water Rescue 28 is the reserve Water Rescue tow vehicle. It is also staffed in the summer during hot days that the incidence of an emergency is higher. WR 28 is a 1993 Ford E-350 and is fully equipped with all essential water rescue and rope rescue equipment.

Boat 28 - Is a 16’ Zodiac inflatable hull with a 60 Yamaha jet pump. Boat 28 gets used a lot more in the summer time when the Clackamas River is running low. It can easily maneuver in the shallow water because of its sleek design and horsepower from the motor.

Cat 8 - Cat 8 was designed to run the rapids of the upper Clackamas River, Sandy River and if needed Bull Run River. It is a 16’ Maravia Cataraft with inflatable PVC side tubes and aluminum frame. Cat 8 is propelled by an oarsman that the firefighters are also trained in.

Raft 8 - The Maravia Spider is a Voyager Series Raft with diminishing tubes. This means the tubes are smaller at the bow and stern and wider in the middle. Also designed to run in white water and powered by an oarsman.

Clarkes Station 13

25675 S Beavercreek Road
Beavercreek, OR 97004

Volunteer Engine 13 - 1999 ALF Pumper
Water Tender 13 - 1983 GMC Brigadier Tender
Brush 13 - 1990 Dodge Brush Rig

Happy Valley Station 6

12901 SE King Road
Happy Valley, OR 97236

Engine 6 - 2011 New Pierce
Brush 6

Highland Station 14

22295 S Lower Highland
Beavercreek, OR 97004

Volunteer Engine 14 - 1989 Western States Front-mount

Hilltop Station 16

19340 S Molalla Blvd
Oregon City, OR 97045

Engine 16 - 2006 ALF Pumper
Rehab 16 - 1992 Ford F350 Rescue
Reserve Engine 36

Holcomb Station 9

300 Longview Way
Oregon City, OR 97045

Engine 9 - 2003 ALF Pumper
Volunteer Engine 29 - 1999 ALF Pumper

John Adams Station 15

624 7th Street
Oregon City, OR 97045

Truck 15 - 2003 Pierce Dash Quint
* Battalion 3 - 2010 Ford F350 Super Duty PU

Lake Road Station 4

6600 SE Lake Road
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Truck 4 - 2003 ALF Truck
Battalion 2 - 2008 Ford F350 Super Duty PU
Heavy Rescue 4 - 2005 Pierce Dash Heavy Rescue

Logan Station 12

18081 S Harding Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Volunteer Engine 12 - 1999 ALF Pumper
Brush 12 - 1992 Dodge Brush Rig
Water Tender 12 - 1987 Ford Tender

Milwaukie Station 2

3200 SE Harrison Street
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Engine 2 - 2009 Pierce Impel Engine
Rehab 2 - 1992 Ford E350 Rescue

Mt. Scott Station 5

9339 SE Causey Ave
Happy Valley, OR 97086

Engine 5 - 2010 Pierce Impel Engine
Heavy Squad 5 - 2006 Pierce Dash Heavy Rescue

Oak Grove Station 3

2930 SE Oak Grove Blvd
Milwaukie, OR 97267

Engine 3 - 2009 Pierce Impel Engine
Rescue 3 - 2008/2009 Ford F450 Ambulance
Volunteer Rescue 23 - 2008 Ford F450 Ambulance
Volunteer Engine 23 - 1998 Pierce Arrow Pumper

Pleasant Valley Station 7

10921 SE 172nd
Happy Valley, OR 97086

Engine 7 - 2006 Piecre Saber Engine
Rehab 7 - 1992 Ford F350 Marion Rescue
Squad 7 - 2010 Ford F550 Super Duty
Water Tender 7

Redland Station 11

18265 S Redland Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Engine 11 - 2008 Pierce Impel Engine
Water Tender 11 - 1993 International Tender
Brush 11 - 1994 Ford F550 Brush Rig

South End Station 17

19001 South End Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Squad 17 - 2010 Ford F550 Super Duty

This station employs 3 officers and 3 apparatus operators, one of each for each ABC shift

Town Center Station 1

11300 SE Fuller Road
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Engine 1 - 2006 Pierce Dash Engine
Reserve Truck 21 - 1994 Simon Duplex LTI
Command 1 - 2003 Blue Bird Bus

Station Service Area Map


Other Fire Districts

Boring Fire District #59

Station 140
28655 SE Hwy 212
PO Box 85
Boring, OR 97009

Brush 140
Engine 140
Engine 141
Engine 142
Rescue 140
Water Tender 140
Water Tender 141
Squad 140

Station 148
32200 SE Judd Rd.
Eagle Creek, OR 97022

Engine 148
Brush 148
Water Tender 148

Station 149
20100 SE Hwy. 212
Damascus, OR 97009

Engine 149
Rescue 149
Brush 149

Canby Fire District #62

View this District Fire Map
Station 62
221 South Pine Street
Canby, OR 97013

Battalion 6 - 2008 Ford F350 pickup
Brush 61 - 1992 Chevrolet brush unit
Engine 61 - 1999 Pierce Saber rescue pumper
Engine 63 - 2005 Pierce wildland interface engine mounted on an International 7400 chassis
Medic 61 - 1999 Ford Lifeline Advanced Life Support ambulance
Medic 62 - 2009 Chevrolet Lifeline Advanced Life Support ambulance
Rescue 62 - 1998 Ford Lifeline Advanced Life Support ambulance
Squirt 62 - 2003 Pierce Dash quint with a 61 foot Skyboom
Water Tender 61 - 2000 Pierce pumper tender on a Freightliner chassis
Water Tender 62 - 1993 S&S Fire Apparatus water tender mounted on a Freightliner FL-80 chassis

Station 65
south of Canby on Highway 170

Engine 65 - 1995 Pierce Saber pumper
Squad 65 - 1992 Chevrolet brush unit on a one ton 3500 chassis
Rehab 65 Support Trailer - Pace American 16 ft. cargo trailer

Colton Fire District #70

Engine 129
Engine 125
Engine 123
Water Tender 126
Water Tender 124
Rescue 121
Brush 122
Air Trailer 129
Engine 1

Estacada Fire District #69

Station 110
261 SE Fifth Avenue
Estacada, OR 97023

Engine 110
Engine 111
Rescue 110
Rescue 111
Water Tender 110
Water Tender 111
Brush 110

Station 115
40595 S.E. George Road
Estacada, OR 97023

Engine 115
Rescue 115
Water Tender 115

Gladstone Fire Department

Engine 101
Engine 102
Engine 103
Truck 106
Rescue 101
Duty Officer 109
Fire Marshal 100

Hoodland Fire District #74

Station 251 - Welches

Squad-251, 2008 Dodge Ram, 5.7 liter Hemi, 4x4 pick up, advanced life support
Rescue-251, 1999 Ford, F-550, Boise Mobile Equipment, 7.3L power stroke, Hurst rescue tools, advanced life support
Engine-252, 2002 Pierce Dash, 500hp Cummins diesel, 1250 gpm single stage pump, 1000 gallon tank
Engine-254, 1996 International 4900 Crew Cab, 1250 gpm single stage pump, 520 gallon tank, 15 gallon foam tank, advanced life support, 4x4
Water Tender-251,1995 International Chassis, Laverne Fire Equipment, 435 HP cummins N14 diesel, 1250 gpm single stage pump, 3000 gallon tank, with 3000 gallon dump tank
Brush-251, 1996 Ford F-350 power stroke, 200 gallon tank, 20 gallon foam tank, 4x4
2501, Chevy Tahoe, 4x4
2509, Chevy Suburban, 4x4
2539, 2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

Station 252 - Brightwood

Squad-252, 1997 Ford F-350 7.3L diesel, 200 gallon tank, advanced life support, 4x4
Engine-251, 1982 Pierce Arrow, Custom cab, 8V71 Detroit Diesel, 1250 gpm single stage pump, 1000 gallon tank
Water Tender-252, 2003 Kenworth Chassis Built by Pierce, 430 cat diesel, 1250 gpm single stage pump, 3000 gal tank, with 3000 gallon dump tank

Station 253 - Government Camp

Squad-253, 2000 Ford Expedition 4x4, intermediate life support
Engine-253, 2008 Rosenbauer on HME 1871P 4x4 custom chassis, Cummins ISL 400hp diesel, Allison 3000 EVS automatic transmission, 1250 gpm Waterous single stage pump, 1000 gallon tank, 30 gallon foam cell, Akron Firefox joystick controlled deck gun.

Molalla Rural Fire Protection District #73

Station 81
Hwy 213 near Mulino

Engine 84
Rescue 81

Station 82
320 N Molalla Ave.

Medic 81
Medic 82
Engine 81
Engine 82
Squad 82
Water Tender 81
Water Tender 82
DO80 (Volunteer Duty Officer)
C81 (Command - Fire Chief)
C82 (Command - Duty Officer)
RH38 (Rehab)

Station 85
Sawtell Rd.
Not In Use due to insufficient staffing

Sandy Fire District #72

Main Station
17460 Bruns Ave.

Engine 71
Engine 72
Engine 78
Rescue 71
Rescue 73
Water Tender 71
Brush 71
Boat 71

Dover Station
24545 SE Firwood Rd.

Engine 75
Rescue 75
Water Tender 75
Brush 75

Roslyn Lake Station
13120 SE Ten Eyck Rd.

Engine 76
Water Tender 76

Lake Oswego

Station 210 - Westlake
4900 Melrose Street
Engine 210 | Engine 213 (Reserve Apparatus)
The station staffs Paramedic Engine 210 with nine career personnel that work three separate 24 hour shifts. Each shift has a company officer (a lieutenant), an apparatus operator, and a firefighter. Station 210 also houses a reserve engine (Eng. 213). Station 210 is the busiest of the Lake Oswego Fire Station, with almost 80% of the 911 calls for Emergency Medical Services.

Station 211 - Jean Road
4555 Jean Road
Engine 211 | Truck 211
The station staffs Paramedic Truck 211 with twelve career personnel that work three separate 24 hour shifts. Each shift has a company officer (a lieutenant), an apparatus operator, and a firefighter. The Truck has a 105’ aerial ladder that is used to access locations with multiple floors during emergency operations. Station 211 also houses one of our reserve engines (Eng 211) and is used when the mainline apparatus is removed from service for maintenance or for extra staffing when needed.

Station 212 - South Shore
1880 South Shore Blvd
Engine 212 | Boat 212
Situated on South Shore Boulevard, this is the oldest of the Lake Oswego Fire Stations still in active service. Built in 1971, the station originally shared space with Lake Oswego Communications (LOCOM) which was later moved to city Hall. The station staffs Paramedic Engine 212 with nine career personnel that work three separate 24 hour shifts. Each shift has a company officer (a lieutenant), an apparatus operator, and a firefighter. The station serves the neighborhoods south of Oswego Lake to the Tualatin River and east from Marylhurst University to Blue Heron. Station 212 also houses Rescue Boat (Boat-212) which provide water rescue as part of the water rescue consortium.

Station 214 - Main
300 B Avenue
Engine 214 | Dive Rescue 214 | Medic 214 | Battalion 1 | Wildland Response Brush Rig 214
The station staffs Paramedic Engine 214 with nine career personnel that work three separate 24 hour shifts. Each shift has a company officer (a lieutenant), an apparatus operator, and a firefighter. Station 214 serves the neighborhoods north of Oswego Lake including First Addition and north to the Dunthorpe neighborhoods, and east from the Willamette River to Boones Ferry Road. Being the largest of our fire stations, 214 includes crew members certified in Dive Rescue operations, houses 3 Battalion Chiefs, a medic unit, a Dive Rescue vehicle and our Wildland Response Brush Rig (BR-214).

Police/Fire Websites

Fire Department Websites

Law Enforcement Websites

Joint CAD Incident Tracking System

WCCCA and CCOM have partnered together to provide to the general public an incident tracking system for fire and medical calls within the two counties. See the Joint CAD Incident Tracking System for more information.

PulsePoint Incident Map

PulsePoint Click on the Gear icon, and select your desired agency.

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