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RadioReference provides a complete classifieds ad platform for members to buy and sell radio communications equipment (and related offerings.) Currently, you must be a Premium Subscriber to post an add in the classifieds, however all RadioReference visitors and members can respond to and act on any ad.

Understand that holds no responsibility whatsoever for what happens during the for sale process. We will not release user information unless required by a court order, so in each transaction that you participate in understand that it is solely your responsibility to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. maintains no liability during the sales process and only provides a bulletin board for members to use.


Please follow these rules. Those that do not follow these rules risk having their classified posts deleted or moderated without warning. Your classifieds appearing is at the discretion of the staff, and we may remove or edit them at any time we feel necessary.

Overall but general rules to follow:

  1. Post only items in their proper respective categories.
  2. Services for profit to program scanners or any type of equipment applicable to the forums is not permitted. Unsolicited offers public or private are not permitted either. [This is a site-wide rule!]
  3. Do not comment on people's posts for items for sale. Don't like their price? Keep your mouth shut! Don't like the item? Quiet! Don't like the person? Sssh... don't post!
  4. Direct all problems to the moderators using the "Report Product" link from the Product Options menu on the ad.
  5. Businesses may not actively promote their services, products, or items here on these classifieds. You must maintain the spirit of these classifieds as a place for individuals (i.e., private parties) to sell their products. Commercial sales will only be permitted if site management has given prior approval.
  6. Group Buys, which have not been blessed by management, are not permitted. A "Group Buy" would consist of a private individual coordinating with a business to buy, in bulk, a certain piece of radio equipment at a discounted rate. The individual coordinating the activity would not gain any money by providing the service but takes responsibility in assembling funds for purchasing the lot.
  7. All common sense selling rules are in effect. Please make note that this is a globally available forum. What may be illegal to you may not be in another country. Also, before reporting illegal sales make sure you provide enough details why you think the item's sale is illegal; we are not lawyers.


  1. If a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is. Seriously, Somebody offering a thousand dollar radio for two hundred dollars? Don't let your enthusiasm for a new radio get you into trouble. Recently a scammer claimed that he didn't know what a radio was worth, and in the same post claimed that he received it on a trade. If YOU didnt know what something was and what it was worth, would YOU take it as a payment for a trade?
  2. Remember to check for feedback. We have a feedback area for a reason! Learn it, Love it. It may save you some money someday. Use the convenient search button near the top of the screen.
  3. Read the seller's other posts. See if the seller has posted elsewhere on the forums. Most of our users aren't here exclusively for the classified section. There are a few, but not many. If the seller has previous posts here, look for posts that talk about the item that you're interested in buying. See if they have asked a question about it.
  4. Compare Pictures. Compare the pictures posted by a seller. If they're taken on different dates with different cameras in different areas, ask the seller for further proof. Many times I've asked for a picture of a radio tuned to a certain frequency. It doesnt have to receive a signal, but gives me a little peace of mind that the seller actually has the item in their possession AND that it powers up. Obviously this will be a little more difficult for items being sold in a non-working condition. Also try a Google images search. Avoid sales with the stock photos from the manufacturers website.
  5. People who refuse widely accepted payment methods. If somebody ONLY accepts wire transfer services such as Western Union or Money Gram... You guessed it... Bad Idea.
  6. People who demand you call or E-Mail ONLY. Not only is that already against the Classified section rules, it makes it so that they don't leave an easily traceable IP trail. With common internet connections being DHCP, you could be getting a new IP address every few hours. If somebody only has to log in once to post the thread to scam you with, it leaves less of a trail for us to follow, and they could come back later and do it again under a different name.
  7. Avoid deals with new members. Specifically, Avoid selling anything to new members with no reputation or feedback. Avoid dealing with equipment trades from them too. If they jerk you around for a few days, that sucks... but you're not out any money. Just time. I hate to say it plainly, but in the last couple of weeks, we have been hit by scammers. Fast and hard. We as the moderation are doing everything in our power to assist you, we have found several more scammers that never made it public, shut them down in the new user moderation queue, but your own judgment is your best defense.