Clinton County (IL)

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Municipalities & Districts

Clinton County ETSB / 911

Agencies Dispatched: Albers Fire/EMS, Aviston First Responders/Fire, Beckemeyer Fire, Breese Fire (KSG450), Carlyle (KDG411 City), ClinClair First Repsonders [WNJI250], Germantown First Responders, Hoffman First Responders, Huey-Ferrin-Boulder Fire, Keyesport Fire, St Rose Fire (also 6pm Test page)[KSG450], Sugar Creek Fire (154.205), Wheatfield Township FPD Sugar Creek Dispatched on 154.205 then repeats on 154.19

  • Test Page Saturday 9am - Agencies may be dispatched by Carlyle or Greenville PSAPs Breese EMS on 154.755 210.7 PL is linked through one of the RF Links
  • 159.465 heard call sign and dispatch for St Libory (did not catch PL tone) (7/08)

Clinton County Sheriff's Department

Areas: West Access Marina, "CSA", Rangers/ Conservation units often in Carlyle Lake area (4F32)

  • May also use 159.03 127.3 PL for ??? 8/08

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