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If you are interested in properly tracking this system now that rebanding has finished, you must have a rebanding capable scanner. Many older scanners will no longer track the College Station system. For PSR500 and PSR600 users, you can simply edit the band plan to listen to this system. Here's how:

After entering the system frequencies, go to the bottom of the TSYS information to T Tables and select custom. Hit enter, and you enter two custom tables:

Table 1: Ch Lo: 0, Ch Hi: 719, Offset: 0, Base: 851.0125, Steps: 25 Table 2: Ch Lo: 440, Ch Hi: 559, Offset: 440, Base: 851.0250, Steps: 25

Save this information and exit the PGM menu. If you are scanning a talkgroup or wildcard talkgroup on the College Station system, you are now able to properly track it! Happy listening!