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*1633: Comal County Fire Marshal
*1633: Comal County Fire Marshal
*17XXs: Bulverde Spring Branch EMS
*17XXs: Bulverde Spring Branch EMS
*436X-437X: Comal County Jailers
**4363: unknown (LEO)
*51XXs: Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens (511X-512Xs)
**4369: unknown (LEO; logged on 5/20/10 en route with 2 10-95s to Bexar Cty Jail)
**4370: unknown (LEO)
**4371: unknown (LEO)
**4372: unknown (LEO)
**4373: unknown (LEO)
**4374: unknown (LEO; logged on 8/25/2010)
**4375: unknown (LEO)
**4376: unknown (LEO)
**4377: unknown (LEO)
**4378: unknown (LEO)
*51XXs: Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens
*659Xs: Texas DPS
*659Xs: Texas DPS

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Comal County, is a county within the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area, whose county seat is New Braunfels, Texas. With a total population of approximately 110,000 residents, and a size of 575 sq. miles, Comal County is one of the fastest growing counties in Texas. Tourism is a dominating industry in Comal County, with the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers, as well as Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Canyon Lake.

Comal County is served by the Comal County Sheriff's Office (conventional P25) and multiple rural EMS and fire protection districts (conventional analog).

New Braunfels, the largest city in Comal County, is served by the New Braunfels Police Department and New Braunfels Fire Department, which also handles emergency medical services. Both departments utilize the LCRA 900MHz EDACS trunking system, though previously each department used conventional analog repeaters. These repeaters are held in reserve for natural disasters, such as the numerous floods that have struck in the past 15 years.

Comal County Emergency Service Districts

 ESD#1- EMS service through Bulverde/Spring Branch EMS
 ESD#2- EMS service through Canyon Lake EMS
 ESD#3- Fire protection through Canyon Lake Fire Dept.
 ESD#4- Fire protection through Spring Branch VFD
 ESD#5- Fire protection through Bulverde VFD
 ESD#6- Fire protection through Bracken VFD

Unit Assignments

Comal County Public Safety Unit Assignments

  • 1XXs: Garden Ridge Police
  • 3XXs: Comal County Sheriff Units
  • 4XXs: Comal County Sheriff Units
  • 5XXs: Canyon Lake FD/EMS
  • 6XXs: Spring Branch VFD
  • 7XXs: Bulverde VFD/ 750s + Bulverde PD
  • 8XXs: Bracken VFD
  • 9XXs: Comal County Constables (possibly some deputies as well)
  • 931-933: Comal County Animal Control Officers
  • 1340: unknown (logged on CCSO Channel 1 on 5/6/10)
  • 1631: Comal County Fire Marshal
  • 1633: Comal County Fire Marshal
  • 17XXs: Bulverde Spring Branch EMS
  • 436X-437X: Comal County Jailers
  • 51XXs: Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens (511X-512Xs)
  • 659Xs: Texas DPS

Comal County Precinct Map

Comal County Fire Apparatus Assignments

This is a listing of the Bracken, Bulverde/Spring Branch, Canyon Lake North and Canyon Lake South (indicated with a "(S)") apparatus assignments.

 Bracken VFD
 Bulverde/Spring Branch EMS
 Medic 81
 Medic 82
 Medic 83 (Stn 1)
 Bulverde/Spring Branch VFD
 Engine 61
 Brush 62
 Canyon Lake F/EMS
 Engine 51
 Engine 52 (S)
 Brush 53
 Medic 51 (S)
 Medic 52

New Braunfels Public Safety Unit Assignments and Channel Lineups

  • 01-3X: NBPD Chief, CID, and Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants (including Patrol Captains, Lieutenants and Sergeants)
  • 40-48: New Braunfels Animal Control Officers
  • 1XX: NBFD Command (used by person to person only, dispatches are made to Truck 1 or Medic 1, etc., for apparatus needed)
    • 100- Fire Chief
    • 101- Asst. Fire Chief
    • 104-
    • 105- Central
    • 106-
    • 107-
    • 110-
    • 111- Fire Investigator
    • 112-
    • 113- Fire Investigator
    • 114-
    • 115-
  • 202-299: NBPD Patrol Corporals, K9 Officers, Patrolmen
  • 3XX: NBFD (used by person to person only, dispatches are made to Truck 1 or Medic 1, etc., for apparatus needed)
    • 302- NBFD Disp 1
    • 304- NBFD Disp 1
    • 315- NBFD Disp 1
    • 324- NBFD Disp 1
    • 335- NBFD Disp 1
    • 338- NBFD Disp 1
    • 371- NBFD Disp 1
    • 383- NBFD Disp 1
    • 391- NBFD Disp 1
    • 392- NBFD Disp 1
    • 393- NBFD Disp 1
    • 398- NBFD Disp 1

New Braunfels Police Department and New Braunfels Fire Department both subscribe to the LCRA 900MHz EDACS trunking system. During natural disasters and busy summer weekends they may employ their old conventional analog repeaters, as was the case in the Flood of 2010. See below for more information.

New Braunfels Police Department
Talkgroup (Dec)     Description
0632                NBPD All Call (Dept. wide paging)
0633                NBPD Disp 1 (primary)
0634                NBPD Disp 2 (used when primary is held for officer safety)
0635                NBPD Ops 3   
0636                NBPD Ops 4
0637                NBPD CID
0638                NBPD Event (used for large events as well as summer river patrol)

Frequency    Tone   Description    
155.1900     203.5  old NBPD repeater (was used for LCRA patches in the past as well as 
                    natural disaster backup comms; currently used daily by New Braunfels 
                    Solid Waste Dept.)
New Braunfels Fire Department
Talkgroup (Dec)     Description
0641                NBFD Disp 1 (primary Fire and EMS dispatch)
0642                NBFD "Fire 2"(working talkgroup; RR shows this as "Tac 1", 
                    but NBFD calls it "Fire 2"
0643                NBFD Tac 2 (working talkgroup)
0644                NBFD Tac 3 (working talkgroup)
0645                NBFD/EMS Patient Reports (to Christus New Braunfels)
UNKNOWN             NBFD "Fire 4" have heard multiple times, though never 
                    found this talkgroup

Frequency   Tone    Description
154.1300    203.5   old NBFD repeater (used for LCRA patches as well as natural disaster 
                    response; currently held in reserve).
154.3100    203.5   old NBFD repeater (used for natural disasters in the past).

New Braunfels Fire Stations & Apparatus Assignments

 Station 1 (Central)- 169 S. Hill St.  
 Rescue 1: Pierce SpecOps Truck
 Truck 1 : Pierce 100' Aerial Truck
 Engine 1: Pierce Engine
 Rescue _: Ford F350 Rescue Truck
 Medic _ :
 Medic _ :
 various boats, rafts and PWCs
 Station 2- 4120 Loop 337 (@ Reuckle Rd.)
 Engine 2: Pierce Engine
 Medic _ :
 Medic _ :
 Brush _ :
 Station 3- 1333 Hanz Dr.
 Engine 3 : Pierce Engine
 Medic 3  : Pierce Ambulance
 Brush _  : 
 Utility 3: 
 Station 5- 1250 W. County Line Rd.
 Engine 5:
 Medic 5 :
 Station 6- 209 Stone Gate  
 Engine 6: Pierce Engine
 Tanker 6:
 Medic _ :

Common Terms, Codes and Abbreviations

Common Terms
CFS: Call For Service (used by Comal County Fire and Sheriff's Office)
CNB: Christus New Braunfels (local hospital)
Firehouse: software program used for field mapping, unit statuses and incident 
           command management.

10 Codes
10-7 Out of Service
10-8 Back in Service
10-27 Driver's License check
10-28 License Plate check
10-41 Going On Duty
10-42 Going Off Duty
10-43 For your information
10-55 Impaired Person
Brevity Codes
Code 1 Acknowledge this Call
Code 2 Proceed Immediately with lights/without Siren
Code 3 Proceed Immediately with lights and Siren
Code 4 No further assistance required
Code 5 Stakeout - Uniformed Officers stay away
Code 6 Out of Vehicle for Investigation
Code 7 Out of Service to eat
Code 8 Fire Alarm
Code 9 Answering ring-down
Code 10 Bomb Threat
Code 12 Patrol your District and report extent of damage
Code 13 Major Disaster Activation
Code 14 Resume normal Operation
Code 20 Notify News Media to respond
Code 22 Restricted Radio Traffic
Code 30 Officer needs assistance - Emergency
Code 33 Emergency Traffic on Air - All units stand by
Code 43 TAC forces committed
Code 100 In position to intercept Suspect

Fire Tone Outs

Bulverde: Tone A 726.8, Tone B 553.9
Bulverde SB-EMS: Tone A 799.0, Tone B 950.0
Bracken Fire: Tone A 799.0, Tone B 1232.0
Spring Branch: Tone A 799.0, Tone B 1036.0
Canyon Lake Fire: Tone A 553.9, Tone B 584.8
Canyon Lake EMS: Tone A 553.9, Tone B 6174


Click the link below to view information for Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resorts, New Braunfels, TX.

Attractions Comal County (TX)


New Braunfels Municipal Airport (KBAZ)

 KBAZ Frequencies
 MHz       Mode    Use
 127.050    AM     Tower/CTAF
 120.175    AM     Ground
 119.325    AM     Weather
 124.450    AM     San Antonio Approach
 125.700    AM     San Antonio Departure
 134.750    AM     Clearance Delivery

 KBAZ Navigation Aids
 MHz       Mode    Location
 112.300    AM     Randolph VORTAC
 116.800    AM     San Antonio VORTAC
 108.400    AM     Stinson VORTAC