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This is the countrywide wiki page for Bermuda.

Parishes & Incorporated Cities


Based on the VHF monitoring it appears that VHF uses a 4.8 MHz offset.

165.1250   136.5 PL  Hotel - Operator to Engineering
166.9750 R  74.4 PL  Taxi with Phone Patch (171.7750 input)
167.1250 R 173.8 PL  Unidentified user (171.9250 input)
167.5000 B      CSQ  Taxis (172.3000 CSQ Base) [Duplex]
167.7750 R  91.5 PL  Cab/Bus (172.5750 input)
172.1000   186.2 PL  "998, where are you?" Possibly a Taxi or shuttle service (Unknown)
453.2000    125 DPL  "Do I call Maintenance or security for elevator"
453.2250   100.0 PL  too short transmission
453.5250    125 DPL  too short transmission
454.1250   136.5 PL  "Luggage on Landing" - Airport user
460.1000     N/A     This is either a Data channel or a trunking system control channel

Weather & Emergency Radio

162.4000 Bermuda Weather Service (24 Hour Broadcast)
100.1 FM This station is activated when a natural disaster 
or other emergency is occurring or about to occur. 
It is mostly used to provide information for hurricanes.
(Usually activated 36-48 hours prior to a hurricane expected to hit the island)

Local FM and AM Radio

 89.1 "FM 89" Adult Contemporary 
 94.9 "Power 95" Ethnic & Local Music 
 98.1 "Kjaz" Unknown Format
 98.3 "Irie 98.3" Reggae 
100.1  Emergency Radio
103.3 "Vibe 103" Energy Music 
106.1 "Mix 106" Adult Contemporary 
107.5 "Hott FM" Hip Hop 
1160 VSB-3 Unknown Format 
1230 ZFB Easy Listening
1280 VSB-2 Religious 
1450 VSB-1 Top 40 Pop & Oldies

Trunked Radio Systems

Country Notes

  • You can legally own a scanner on the island, but you must obtain a governmental permit.

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