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What is dsdtune : dsdtune tries to give you the best fine tuning options for your setup. dsdplus has a few fine tuning decode options that you can see in its help screen Code: Advanced decoder options:

 -dr<num>    Rolloff filter (1-11; 0=auto) [-dr0]
 -dh<num>    Hotspot size (1-8; 0=auto) [-dh0]
 -ds<num>    Scaling factor (50-80; not used with D-Star or ProVoice) [-ds64]
 -dd<num>    Damping level (1-100; not used with D-Star or ProVoice) [-dd10]
 -dv<num>    Viewport size (1-30; not used with D-Star or ProVoice) [-dv20]

Using a raw recording (which you can get while running dsdplus) you can re run that same audio though dsdplus and get a decode score (Lager number is a better decode). dsdtune will run dsdplus for you, by iterating over each option, recording the decode rates and then tell you which flags gave it the best decode. You can then create a batch file (dsdtune can also create one for you) with those flags to run dsdplus with each time.

Instructions for running dsdtune. First you will need to capture some raw input to be used as your sample. Start dsdplus use the "R" key to start recording raw input and then R when completed. You want to try and capture 15 to 30 seconds of active transmission in your recording. DSDPlus will display the file name of this new wav file. Next you will run dsdtune (have dsdplus.exe, dsdtune.exe and your wav file in the same directory). From a dos prompt in the directory you have your files run Code: dsdtune <options> -i <input wav> Options for dsdtune Code: dsdtune Version 0.1.0 Usage:

dsdtune [options]
dsdtune -i <in_file>   Use default dsd decode
-f<x> dsd decode option
-fa Auto-detect frame type (default)
-f1 Decode only P25 Phase 1
-fd Decode only D-STAR
-fi Decode only NXDN48* (6.25 kHz) / IDAS*
-fn Decode only NXDN96 (12.5 kHz)
-fp Decode only ProVoice*
-fr Decode only DMR/MOTOTRBO
-fx Decode only X2-TDMA
-xx Expect inverted X2-TDMA signal
-x Name of dsd executable. (dsdplus.exe default)
   If dsdplus.exe is not found dsd.exe will be tried
-b <file> Create batch file with results
-o "<dsd options>" Options to pass to dsd from
    the batch file. The double quotes are required
-l <file> Log file name (dsdtune.log default)

When decoding P25 voice I would run Code: dsdtune -f1 -i DSDPlus-Raw-Input_2014-10-18@181338.wav -b p25_run.bat This will run through and try the decode options. And with the -b option will create a batch file you can then use to run dsdplus with the options it found had the best decode rate. Depending of the speed of your machine and length of your raw recording it will take 5 to 10 minutes to run all the options, you will see dsdplus open up many times The output will show the best settings it found Code: +------ RESULTS -----+ Switches you want to use :

  -dr2 -dh8 -ds53 -dd6 -dv20

Created batch file p25_run.bat to run dsd Also with the -b you will have a batch file with those settings. For the batch file creating you can edit it to add your input and output device settings, or you can use the -o option. The -o option is not used in the test, but anything passed to -o will be in the batch file if you use the -b <file> option. A log file dsdtune.log will also be appended to with each run results

Where to get dsdtune: From the github release page from the project Version 0.1.0 (or greater) are for the newer dsdplus 1.050 If you are using the older dsdtune you can use the 0.0.4 version.

Where to report bugs/or requests The best spot is the issue page in github You can report them here, but I might miss them.

Is dsdtune part of dsdplus No. dsdtune was just created after I started using dsdplus and wanted to see if the fine tuning options helped my setup, and it did so I released it to the world.

Plans for dsdtune None, I have a few open bugs / enhancements I need to work on. But nothing big planned.