Delmarva Milcom Monitoring

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Welcome to the Delmarva Milcom Monitoring article. This page lists websites, military wings, aircraft control and other information for monitoring military aircraft communications and Combat Air Patrol activity in the DC, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia (hence the abbreviation 'Delmarva') region.

If you are new to this topic, read the VHF/UHF Military Monitoring articles first.

See the Media:Mid Atlantic file which contains 2 files- one for frequencies, the other for callsigns

The Sticky Thread for Mid Atlantic Milair 2021 Thread is the current discussion forum for topics covered in this article. This Thread is from 2020.

Our area is covered by the Washington DC ARTCC, often referred to as Washington Center. It's callsign is ZDC and is often referred to this way followed by the site, such as ZDC Coyle or ZDC Hagerstown in threads and logs.

Air to Air Refueling Tracks

  • See this Dropbox site for the AP1/A, AP1/B and numerous charts.

Air Traffic Control

Event Related

Military Trunked Systems

You should look in the RRDB for a complete listing of these, but there are some that are also linked here;

Supporting Bases, Wings and Ranges

While not part of the Delmarva region, these wings and ranges have been reported or were involved with support activities for the Delmarva region in the past

New Jersey

New York


West Virigina

Unvalidated Frequencies

These articles contain frequency information that is neither in our database and/or not present on the above list. They are likely old listings and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Other Related

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