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MSP and County Trunks

MSP has been allocated portables (and in some cases mobile units) to communicate with the trunk system in the area they serve. Typically these will be used unless the unit is out of range of the trunk or in a bad coverage zone, in which case they will revert to their standard loband frequency (or sometimes Nextel). Traffic is often echoed from loband.

  • Talkgroups in red are allocated on the indicated trunk system but unused
  • Talkgroups in blue are used on a digital system, and require a digital trunktracker to copy
  • Encrypted talkgroups are not listed
  • Talkgroups on EDACS system are given in AFS format
  1. = shared with Sheriff Dispatch
  2. = X2-TDMA talkgroup. Requires use of PSR-800 to copy. May be copied by digital trunktracker if running in FDMA mode.
  3. = Used by MSP Easton when assigned in Dorchester county and out of range of the Upper Maryland Eastern Shore Consortium trunk
Frequency Barracks Name Barracks Ltr County Trunk Talkgroup(s)
39.42 Waterloo A Howard County 45776, 47344
39.40 Frederick B Frederick County 1872, 1904
39.34 Bel Air D Harford County 36000, 36032, 36048
39.46 Salisbury E Wicomico County 2512, 3344
39.52 Westminster G Carroll County 2864, 3024, 3056, 3088, 3120, 3248
39.06 La Plata H Charles County 18592
39.96 Easton I Upper Maryland Eastern Shore Consortium 25840, 25872
39.96 Easton I Dorchester County 376003
39.30 Forrestville L Prince George's P25 2472,2492
39.32 Rockville N Montgomery County 32464, 32496
39.34 Hagerstown O Washington County 134281
39.04 Glen Burnie P Anne Arundel County 2736, 6544
39.36 College Park Q Prince George's P25 2532, 2552
39.80 Centreville S Upper Maryland Eastern Shore Consortium 25776
39.38 Leonardtown T St. Mary's County Public Safety 08-021, 08-022, 08-023, 08-024
39.28 Prince Frederick U Calvert County 2576
39.60 Berlin V Ocean City 06-081
39.60 Berlin V Worcester County 06-081, 06-082

Related Notes

  • As of Feb. 1 2012, MSP has discontinued the use of 10 codes in favor of plain language.