Digital End Code detection

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Note that this function is not available in version 1.xx.xx firmware

Version 2.x.x Firmware

To activate the new "digital end code detection" feature - which is distinctly different from the "end code" option that is readily available in the radio's standard menu

  • Turn off the radio.
  • Press the HOLD button and turn on the radio again. Once the radio boots, release HOLD
  • Press Menu
  • Select Program System
  • Scroll to the system in question (i.e. Baltimore City). Select it.
  • Scroll to & select Edit Sys Option
  • Scroll to Digital End Code and select this.
  • Change from the default of ignore over to Yes.
  • Then, just get out of menu.
  • Could then turn radio off & back on again (to again get into regular operating mode).

This will allow the radio to move on from any given talkgroup once the unit has ended their transmission - and importantly, the radio should no longer wait until the repeater un-sticks. You'll have to set this for each and every digital system you are having this issue with.

comment: This likely applies to the 996 as well (ka3jjz)
Thanx to DoctorDave in the Maryland Forum for this procedure