Diplomatic Security Service

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The Diplomatic Security Service, or DSS, is a division of the US Department of State. The DSS protects high-level diplomats when they visit the United States, except heads of state who are protected by the Secret Service. DSS also has investigative and administrative responsibilities. DSS frequencies have been observed in use at regional Passport Agency Offices.


Frequency  Input     Type  Tone      Ch.  Description
409.5250   418.5250  RM    293 NAC        Field Office Primary


Frequencies listed as in use nationwide except in the Washington DC area where they have different uses.

Frequency  Input     Type  Tone      Ch.  Description
409.6250   407.2000  RM    151.4 PL  1/2  Primary - Commandpost/Motorcades
407.6000              M    151.4 PL  3    Secondary - Protection Agents

The State Department now uses P25 Digital transmissions. This has been verified in both NYC and Washington, DC. Also note that most of the DC transmissionas are also encrypted.

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