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Douglas County

Sheriff's Department

At times, Townships transmit on 159.15R to talk to Sheriff, which talks back on 155.7.

Sheriff uses ISP Tips Codes

No Longer in use:

154.75500    WPKX969  BM       Dgls SD Jail  Sheriff: Jail [Expired]  
 39.34000    KSC240   M   CSQ  Dgls Shrf LB  Old Sheriff Mobiles  
 39.46000    KSC240   B   CSQ  Old LB P2P  Old Point-to-Point (Used with ISP D-10 Pesotum)    
 39.50000    KSC240   BM  CSQ  Old 39.5  Old Sheriff's Net    
155.37000    KSC240   B   CSQ  ISP S/W P2P  Statewide Point-to-Point (HF-5) (@ Tuscola Courthouse)    

Unit ID's:

  • Douglas - Dispatch Center at Sheriff's Dept in Tuscola
  • "2101" -Sheriff
  • "David 2" - Deputy Chief (Retired Unit, Formerly 2102)
  • "2103"-"2113" - Douglas Co. Deputies
  • "2116" - Douglas Co. Coroner
  • "2120"-"2128" - Corrections Officer's

  • (X= Unit #)

  • Adam "X": Arcola Police
  • Arthur "X" -- Arthur Police
  • Atwood "X": Atwood Police
  • Tuscola "X": Tuscola Police
  • Victor "X": Villa Grove Police
  • Ambulance Unit #8282 Villa Grove Ambulance

  • All agencies are dispatched from Sheriff office in Tuscola. Dispatch identifies as "Douglas" over the air, and use KSC240 after pages.

MABAS Division 26

  • Arcola FPD (Douglas)
  • Arthur FD
  • Atwood FPD
  • Cabot Corporation
  • Camargo FPD
  • City of Tuscola
  • Cooks Mill FPD
  • Equistar
  • Hindsboro FPD
  • Longview FPD
  • Murdock FPD
  • Newman FPD
  • Oakland FPD
  • Pesotum FPD (PSTM)
  • Villa Grove FPD

Douglas County Emergency Management Agency

Website: http::/

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Arrow Ambulance (Tuscola)

  • 155.22000 KXM406 BM MERCI-2 Dispatch [Expired 1/03]
  • 155.34000 KXM406 M MERCI-1 Ambulance to Hospital Comms [Expired 1/03]


Arcola Ambulance Service (EMT Association)

155.34000  WPDK547  M MERCI-1  Ambulance to Hospital Comms 

Arrow Medical Services Emergency Communications (AMSEC)

See Page Based out of Champaign County

Carle Health Care Inc

155.22000  WPMP608  BM MERCI-2  unknown use  

Shrader Ambulance Service

155.22000  KA87089  M MERCI-2  Local Ops

Municipalities and Districts

Townships and Water Districts

  • Murdock Township - WQSF539 151.46 Base/Mobile (at Murdock)
  • West Prairie Water Company -- WQLC553 F 452.8125 Water Data (at Tuscola, Arthur)


Arcola Police Department

  • Dispatched by Douglas County on 155.700 123.0 PL. Unit ID's "Adam 5", etc.

These are expired and/or possibly not in use.

452.45000  WNYF619  F  Arcol PD RF1  Police: Remote Link to Tuscola [Expired]
457.47500  WNYF619  F  Arcol PD RF2  Police: Remote Link from Tuscola (w/Telephone Interconnect) [Expired]  
154.41500  WPQH279  BM  Arc FD ?  Fire Protection District ?  

West Prairie Water Company

  • WQLL830 - 956.29375 Microwave Water Data


Arthur Police Department

  • Dispatched by Douglas Co on 155.700 123.0 PL. Unit IDs "Arthur #"

Arthur Rural Fire Protection District

  • Arthur is also partially in Moultrie County
  • 154.13000 159.26250 WPGR807 RM 123.0 PL Arthur Fire Fire: Dispatch [146.2 in] (was 153.77 in)

Expired/Old Remote Links - Unknown if still in use

452.27500  WNQN498  F  Arthur RF1A Police: Remote Receive Links (457 @ Sullivan) [Expired]
457.27500  WNQN498  F  Arthur RF1B Police: Remote Receive Links (457 @ Sullivan) [Expired]    
460.61250  WPUJ351  M  Arthur RF2A Police: Remote Receive Links [Expired
465.61250  WPUJ351  M  Arthur RF2B Police: Remote Receive Links [Expired]


  • Police dispatched by Douglas County on 155.700 123.0 PL. Unit ID's "Atwood 6", etc.

Atwood Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • Atwood's Fire pagers appear to receive pages on the input 159.45 (licensed to Arthur)
  • Atwood's Fire dispatched appear to simulcast and/or repeat on 154.13, 151.4 and 154.4


Carmargo Fire

  • uses 154.13 and 154.265 on base at 2 stations.
  • 154.205 Repeater does not appear to be in use (2/11)


  • Police dispatched by Douglas County Sheriff on 155.700 123.0 PL. Unit IDs "Tuscola #"
  • WPEC646, adding 156.16 Base/Mobiles (NFM Police)
  • EMS provided by Arrow Medical Services ("Tuscola Ambulance" responds to Atwood)
  • WQMH674 F Water Data 451.312

Villa Grove

  • Police dispatched by Douglas County Sheriff on 155.700 123.0 PL. Unit IDs "Victor #" *EMS provided by Arrow Medical Services
154.115  WNZF316  BM CSQ VG Intercity  Intercity Communications/PD to FD/Fireground/Public Works
                                       (rare use) [F-5] [Expired 4/02]  


Eagan Bus Service

  • WNAD206 - 154.515 BM at Atwood-Douglas Co, KXT858 - 155.16 BM at Atwood-Piatt Co

Arthur-Lovington Schools

Atwood-Hammond High School