Douglas County (KS)

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Douglas County law enforcement is on the University of Kansas / Lawrence / Douglas County Trunked Radio System. Since the system was originally built to cover the KU campus in Lawrence, the county has installed several conventional repeaters linked to the trunked system to cover the outlying areas of the county.

Public Safety


Unit Numbers

Lawrence Police Department utilizes both numeric and alphanumeric codes for the officers/units on duty. It appears that the first number in Lawrence PD unit numbers represents the regular shift of that unit. As more information is gathered about what these numbers represent, it will be added.

The numeric codes are 3-digit, and are probably reserved for shift lieutenants/subchiefs/chiefs.

Unit Numbers Heard On Air:


Regular Lawrence PD patrol officers appear to be designated by the alphanumeric unit numbers, and follow this format: Number-Letter-Number. The letters in the unit numbers are given during radio traffic using the standard police code alphabet (Adam, Boy, Charles, David, etc.) Again, it appears that the 1st number in the sequence is the shift number (1, 2 or 3).

Example: 3-Adam-8 would stand for 3A8, and is a 3rd shift officer.

Unit Numbers Heard On Air:

2-Adam-8 (2A8)
2-Adam-9 (2A9)
2-Boy-4 (2B4)
2-Boy-6 (2B6)
2-Boy-9 (2B9)
2-Charles-2 (2C2)
2-David-6 (2D2)
3-Adam-1 (3A1)
3-Adam-8 (3A8)
3-Adam-9 (3A9)
3-Boy-3 (3B3)
3-Boy-8 (3B8)
3-Charles-1 (3C1)
3-Charles-3 (3C3)
3-David-3 (3D3)
3-David-4 (3D4)
3-David-5 (3D5)

Fire Department

Emergency Management

County Services

City Services

Amateur Radio

Analog Repeaters

Callsign Frequency Offset Tone Description
W0UK 146.760MHz - 88.5Hz Douglas County ARC
N0APJ 147.030MHz + 88.5Hz Douglas County Emergency Management
K0HAM 444.900MHz + 88.5Hz Linked system
K0USY 444.825MHz + 88.5Hz Echolink node
K0USY 927.825MHz -25MHz 027DPL Linked to 444.825MHz

Digital Repeaters

The KØUSY 443.800MHz is the second MOTOTRBO repeater, which follows the DMR standard, in NE Kansas. More information about accessing the system can be found at the 443.800+ DMR Repeater page.

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