EDACS Provoice

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Digital communications is also available for EDACS systems and exists in two different formats, AEGIS and ProVoice. AEGIS was the first format introduced and ProVoice was the last and current format. Neither one is APCO-25 Common Air Interface compliant unlike Motorola's ASTRO, which is. Also, neither AEGIS nor ProVoice can communicate with each other.

There are three different types of EDACS control channels. The most common is the wideband EDACS control channel, which operates at 9600 baud. Listen to it here ( There is also a narrowband EDACS control channel which operates at 4800 baud and primarly is used for EDACS systems in the 900 MHz band. Listen to the narrowband control channel here ( Finally, there is the wideband EDACS "encrypted" control channel which is basically a variation on the standard 9600 baud wideband control channel. M/A-COM's trademark name for this feature is ESK (EDACS Security Key).