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=== Hawaii ===
=== Hawaii ===
{{DB|s|1002|Honolulu County}}
{{DB|s|1002|Honolulu County}}
=== Indiana ===
{{DB|s|312|Evansville/Vanderburgh County}}<br/>
{{DB|s|2767|Terre Haute}}
=== Louisiana ===  
=== Louisiana ===  

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List of Provoice Digital Systems

EDACS Provoice systems in the United States. That these systems can be decoded with DSD+ or with BCDx36HP Uniden scanners with a special ProVoice protocol upgrade. This is not meant as an all inclusive list. As of mid-2016, this list has not been substantially updated for several years; it is not complete. Use the Radio Reference database to determine if a specific location is using digital EDACS talkgroups.


City of Aurora EDACS - Aurora PD has some sensitive talk groups in ProVoice mode (including DART, PAR, SRO, and K9 channels). All Aurora EMS comms are in ProVoice mode. Aurora FD has some channels with mixed ProVoice and normal mode where dispatch is in normal mode and field units are in ProVoice (AFD Dispatch and AFD Admin). No ProVoice is used on the FD District TAC channels or PD dispatch or TAC-1, 2, or 3 channels.

Denver Public Safety EDACS - Denver PD has some talk groups in ProVoice mode

Arvada/Westminster Public Safety EDACS - Some sensitive TGs were in ProVoice mode but Westminster units moved over to the new Westminster P25 Phase II system on December 5, 2013.


Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System System


Honolulu County


Pointe Coupee Parish Public Safety


Elkton / Cecil County
Somerset County Fire is Analog, Police is on ProVoice.


Allegan County
Clinton County


Harrison County


Lancaster County Mutual Aid - System only active during Mutual Aid/Emergency situations.


Nevada Test and Training Range

New Jersey

Atlantic County EDACS
Cherry Hill Township
Delaware River Port Authority of PA & NJ

New Mexico

Albuquerque / Bernalillo County

North Carolina

Johnston County




Oklahoma City

  • City departments are analog except for Fire and Police (some PD TGs are encrypted as well)
  • Oklahoma City University and the cities of Bethany, Mustang, Warr Acres, and Yukon have talkgroups on the system


Abilene Planning to convert to P25
Copperas Cove
Edinburg Police is Digital, Fire is Analog.
San Antonio/Bexar County

Additional info about ProVoice is also available on the ESK Wiki Page (including listing Vancouver, BC as ProVoice).

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