ESP Wireless - UHF (Chicago Sears Tower) Unknown Talkgroups

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Talkgroup Info

0-01-056  A  TimChrSchool Timothy Christian School (Elmhurst) - Buses  Schools 
0-03-103  E  Ops E 3103 encrypted operations  Data  
0-03-202  A  McN Taxi D McNamara Taxi - Dispatch-to-Cars  Transportation  
0-03-204  A  McN Taxi C McNamara Taxi - Cars to Dispatch  Transportation  
0-05-100  A  Cicero PD 1 Cicero Police #1  Law Tac  
0-05-105  A  plowing 5105 contract plowing/salting (Oak Park)  Business  
0-05-144  A  CHA Security Chicago Housing Authority: Security Patrols  Security  
0-05-198  A  EMS 005198 private ambulance company  EMS Dispatch
0-06-158  A  Lindahl Trucking, Bensenville IL.  
0-06-160  E  unid 6160 unid encrypted  Data  
0-09-108  A  SpecEv 9108 Special Events (used in the past)  Business  
0-09-112  A  security9112 security (at "City Hall")  Security  
0-16-105  A  securit16105 security agency  Security  
0-16-107  A  taxi 16107 taxi or bus service  Transportation  
0-19-166  A  towing 19166 towing company (used by Cicero Police)  Law Tac