Edwards County (IL)

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Edwards County

Edwards County Sheriff's Department

  • Units Heard: 796 (155.55)

Edwards County EMS / Ambulance Service

Municipalities and Districts


Bone Gap




West Salem


Edwards County Community School District 1

  • Website
  • District is 230.59 square miles including land in Edwards County, Wayne County, White County, and Wabash County. Formed in 1948 with the eventual consolidation of the schools in West Salem, Albion, Browns, Bone Gap and Ellery.)

Fire Tone Outs

AGENCY Tone A Tone B
Albion Fire 2575 Hz-3 sec. 1531 Hz-0.5 sec.
Browns Fire 340 Hz-1 sec 601 Hz-3 sec.
Bon Gap Fire 340 Hz-1 sec. 321 Hz-3 sec.
W. Salem Fire 473 Hz-1 sec. 340 Hz-3 sec.


  • Case Farms 159.81 Base/Mobile (NFM at W Salem) WQOM481
  • Equinox Oil Company 452.9 Repeater (Grayville) WPGP881