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Effingham County Government

  • Arch 9 is located at the Effingham Memorial Airport in Effingham IL

Effingham County Sheriff's Office

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.86000  158.97000   KSH222   RM  179.9 PL  EffCo Sheriff BU Sheriff: Old   FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.89500      WPKA548     EffCo Shrf Ops Sheriff: Operations   FMN  Law Tac 
154.78000        186.2 PL  Eff Co Explr County Explorers  FMN  Law Talk 
173.23750      KSH222   CSQ  EffCo Shrf MX Sheriff: Mobile Extenders   FMN  Law Dispatch 
158.97000      KSH222   C1A NAC  EffCo Shrf C Sheriff: Encrytped ?  P25  Law Dispatch 
154.88250  159.07500   WQNF489   RM  703 DPL  EffCo Jail A Corrections / Courthouse  FMN  Corrections 

STARCOM21 Digital System

005 (5) Effingham 851.637500 852.162500c 852.687500a 853.637500a 858.487500

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
8151  1fd7  Effingham Police  Effingham Police: Dispatch 
8154  1fda  Efffingham Fire  Effingham Fire: Dispatch 
8326  2086  Effingham Sherif  Sheriff: Dispatch 
8335  208f  EffinghamCo Fire  Effingham County Fire: Net 
8491  212b  AbbottEMS Efnghm  Abbott EMS: Dispatch (Effingham) 
8492  212c  AbbottEMS Ef c2c  Abbott EMS: Car-to-Car (Effingham) 

Effingham County 911 / EMA

  • System has 5 towers, one in each corner of the county and one central tower. 911 has 2 PSAPs at Sheriff's Department and Effingham Police

FCC License - New County Fire Frequency

  • 03/2011 - The following have been approved per the FCC reports
  • Countywide Fire System - Callsign WQNL392
  • 151.175 FB Montrose Fire Department 207 W. National Rd, Montrose
  • 151.175 FB Edgewood Fire Department 306 N. Oak Street, Edgewood
  • 151.175 FB Dieterich Fire Department 101 Zumbahlen Ave, Dieterich
  • 151.175 FB Sigel (Shelby Co) 104 W. Washington St, Sigel
  • 151.175 FB Altamont Fire Department 109 W. Jefferson, Altamont
  • 151.175 FB Control Point #1 - 111 W. Main Street, Teutopolis
  • 151.175 MO Countywide Mobile
  • Countywide Fire System - Callsign WQNL394
  • 151.175 FB Shumway Fire Department #2 14949 N. Park Rd, Effingham
  • 151.175 FB Teutopolis Fire Department 215 W. Main St, Teutopolis
  • 151.175 FB Shumway Fire Department #1 201 E. Market Street, Shumway
  • 151.175 FB Beecher City Fire Department 101 E. Poplar, Beecher City
  • 151.175 FB Effingham Fire Department 1300 W. Jaycee Ave, Effingham
  • 151.175 FB Watson Fire Department 100 Monroe, Watson
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.43000      WPKG761   CSQ  EffCo FirePG (OLD?) Fire: Countywide Paging Only [Ch 1] (Except Eff City)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
464.07500  469.07500   WQXB725   RM  466 DPL  EffCoEMS UHF unidentified Medical Transport Service  FMN  Transportation 
151.17500      WQNL392   BM  465 DPL  EffCo Fire Fire/EMS: Countywide Dispatch / Tac  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
150.99500  153.91250   WQKV637   RM    EffCo EMA EMA: Operations   FMN  Emergency Ops 

(Former Use) 8/12 - All Effingham County Fire Departments (Altamont, Beecher City, Dieterich, Edgewood, Shumway, Teutopolis, Montrose, Watson) are being paged (toned-out) on 154.43 by Effingham County Sheriffs Department. They use 151.1750 as so called tac channel to communicate back and forth with dispatch. The rural fire departments use IFERN and colored fire ground channels for any working fires or large incidents.

  • 154.430 - Countywide Fire Dispatch (Except Effingham City FD)
  • 154.0625 - Effingham City Fire Department Dispatch
  • 151.175 - Countywide Fire Dispatch (FUTURE DISPATCH)
  • 151.1525 - Shumway Fire Department (Local/Operations)

Effingham County Government

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.01750  153.97250   WQOK819   RM  EffCo Highwa Highway Department  FMN  Public Works 
154.79250      WQCQ959   BM  EffCo Health Public Health Department  FMN  Public Works 
154.45625      WQLQ652   EJ WaterCorp EJ Water Corporation: Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 

Old Motorola System, No Longer in use?

015 (F) Primary856.487500 857.487500 858.487500c 859.487500c 860.487500c

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
16  001  Sheriff Disp  Sheriff Dispatch 
48  003  Sheriff Alt  Sheriff Secondary 
80  005  Sheriff C/C  Sheriff Car-to-Car 
144  009  Eff PD Disp  Effingham Police Dispatch (Dispatch now on Starcom21 TG 8151) 
176  00b  Eff PD C/C  Effingham Police Car-to-Car 
208  00d  Eff PD Tac 1  Effingham Police Tactical 1 
DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
816  033  Altamont EMS  Altamont EMS Dispatch 
848  035  Advanced EMS  Advanced EMS Dispatch 
880  037  Cty-Cnty EMS  City-County EMS Dispatch 

Municipalities and Districts

  • 154.04000 WPES416 BM Lucas Twp Roads Lucas Township Road Department [Terminated]

Effingham (City)

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.73000      WPKW461   BM    Eff Police BU Police: Backup  FMN  Law Tac 
155.68500  155.85000   KSH222   RM  179.9 PL  Eff CityPolice Police: Local   FMN  Law Talk 
155.04000      KTL539   BM    Eff Streets Street Department  FMN  Public Works 
158.82000      KTL539   BM  131.8 PL  Eff Street/Water Street / Water Departments  FMN  Public Works 
155.83500      KWV573   BM    Eff Water Auth Effingham Water Authority  FMN  Public Works 
154.06250  159.24750   WQJW827   RM  343 DPL  Effnghm Fire Fire: Dispatch / Operations (Knox Tones)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
159.24750      WQJW827   754 DPL  Eff Fire FX1 Fire: Tone-Outs  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
464.12500      WQQF882     Eff WDD UHF Water Data (CSQ)   Telm  Data 
160.08000      WRAJ232     Eff WDD VHF Water Data (CSQ)  FMN  Data 




Watson Fire Protection District

  • (former) Uses 154.43 for fireground and to contact 911.

EMS Agencies

Altamont Ambulance Service


Effingham (City) Schools

  • 451.45 SL 1 CC 4 TG 201 Buses (Bus numbers match their RID)
    • RIDs: 3 Bus, 8 Bus, 9 Bus, 12 Bus, 14 Bus, 17 Bus, 25 Bus, 27 Bus, 28 Bus, 61 Radio Shack/Dispatch; 211? (Bus 11?)


  • ADM Grain 829 152.36 Base/Mobile (7/11K at Altamont) WQPI480
  • Elmore Farms 152.975 Base/Mobile (Dieterich)
  • Jansens Heating and AC 464.475 Repeater (NFM at Effingham) 11/12 App 0005492284
  • KF Farms 151.55 Base/Mobile (Mason) KTC742
  • Moundside Farms 152.945 Base/Mobile KNCT327
  • Steffens HVAC 151.685 Base/Mobile (Effingham) KLF223

Attractions and Recreation

Country Clubs and Golf Courses

  • WQNG468 Cardinal Golf Course: 452.4875, 457.4875, Mobiles 11K (Effingham)

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