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|??||342.500||BM||ZIPPER A/A||ZIPPER Air-Air||AM||Military
|??||342.500||BM||ZIPPER A/A||ZIPPER Air-Air||AM||Military
|??||261.200||BM||261.200 MHz||MOZAM usgae||AM||Military
|??||261.200||BM||261.200 MHz||JAZZ/REX/MOZAM A/A usage||AM||Military
|??||226.100||BM||226.100 MHz||MOZAM usage||AM||Military
|??||226.100||BM||226.100 MHz||MOZAM usage||AM||Military

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General Information

Eglin Air Force Base (VPS) is located approximately 3 miles southwest of Valparaiso, Florida. The base covers approximately 463,128 acres.

The host unit at Eglin is the 96th Test Wing (96 TW). The 96 TW is the test and evaluation center for Air Force air-delivered weapons, navigation and guidance systems, Command and Control systems, and Air Force Special Operations Command systems.

Eglin AFB was established in 1935 as the Valparaiso Bombing and Gunnery Base. It is named in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Frederick I. Eglin (1891–1937), who was killed in a crash of his Northrop A-17 pursuit aircraft on a flight from Langley to Maxwell Field, Alabama.

Eglin is an Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) base serving as the focal point for all Air Force armaments. Eglin is responsible for the development, acquisition, testing, deployment and sustainment of all air-delivered non-nuclear weapons.

The base plans, directs and conducts test and evaluation of U.S. and allied air armament, navigation and guidance systems, and command and control systems.

Severe weather testing of aircraft and other equipment is carried out here at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory.

Scheduled airline service

Eglin is also one of the few military air bases in the U.S. to have scheduled passenger airline service. The Destin - Fort Walton Beach Airport is co-located on the base property.

Radio Communications

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Primary land mobile communications uses site 1-04 of this system.

Eglin Air Force Base

004 (4) Eglin AFB, FL385.012500c 385.900000 386.125000a 386.225000 386.400000 386.500000 386.650000 386.812500
    386.912500 388.000000 388.150000 388.387500 388.500000 388.650000 388.850000  

Aircraft Operations

Comm Card

Local Frequencies/Channels (published May 1, 2013)
Preset UHF Agency VHF Mode Notes
01 AM
02 377.200 Clearance Delivery 127.700 AM
03 335.800 Eglin Ground 121.800 AM
04 353.650 Eglin Tower 118.200 AM
05 360.600 Departure/Approach (South) 132.100 AM
06 281.450 Departure/Approach (North) 125.100 AM
07 290.500 ERCF Arrival (Primary) 124.250 AM
08 278.450 ERCF Discrete AM
09 269.150 Emergency/Single Frequency Approach AM
10 264.600 SOF location in Control Tower AM
11 316.900 Land Mission Common/Return to Base (RTB) 135.250 AM
12 290.900 Water Mission Common/RTB 135.250 AM
13 351.675 Hurlburt Tower 126.500 AM
14 290.425 Duke Tower 133.200 AM
15 363.400 Air Refueling Common AM
16 255.400 Flight Service AM
17 AM
18 AM
19 AM
20 273.500 Eglin ATIS 134.625 AM
Manual Frequencies
M 305.600 40th / 85th Ops 143.875 AM
M 354.200 58 FS Ops AM

Additional Aircraft Frequencies

Active frequencies (as of Q1 2015)
Preset Frequency Type Alpha Tag Description Mode Service
?? 142.275 BM RACER A/A RACER Air-Air AM Military
?? 342.500 BM ZIPPER A/A ZIPPER Air-Air AM Military
?? 261.200 BM 261.200 MHz JAZZ/REX/MOZAM A/A usage AM Military
?? 226.100 BM 226.100 MHz MOZAM usage AM Military

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