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Exhibition Place TRS
System Name Exhibition Place
System Type LTR Standard
System ID ?
Connect Tone ?
Wide Area Communications Network ?
Network Access Code ?
TRBO Color Code ?
Band 460 Mhz
Ownership ?
City Ontario
County Ontario
Province Ontario

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Exhibition Place

Summer 2009

A lot of people probably don't even think about the Exhibition Place system except for the last two weeks of every summer when the CNE is open. However with the building of the Direct Energy Centre and BMO Field, along with the renovations to the Coliseum and the leasing out of other buildings, the Exhibition grounds are now used year round. As a result, maintenance, security, parking and other staff now work year round so you can find activity on the system at any time during the year.

CNE Radio system / Frequencies

As of May of this year (2009), TAFL lists a fifth frequency pair licensed to Exhibition Place. The new frequency is 460.5375 and presumably has been (or will be) added to the LTR system, but I have yet to confirm this (but hope to prior to The Ex opening)

As of mid July 2009 the rest of the information for the system still seems to be accurate. I hope to identify some of the unknown talkgroups this year, but suspect some of them might be for specific events and only used then.

CNE Casino

The CNE Casino opens about 3 weeks before the CNE every year, and is open until the CNE closes on Labour Day. The Casino also operates a training school which opens in May and runs until the casino opens.

It appears that the Casino operates three sets of radios. Two for security, and one for administration. So far, despite the amount of radio traffic that seems to take place on the radios, I've only been able to identify two frequencies as having casino related comms.

458.1875 - I have been able to confirm that this is a casino security frequency and is licensed to Point to Point Communications as "South Central Ontario - Rental Radios" UPDATE: I was able to take a closer passing look at one of security's radios, they are actually rented from Mobile Communications Services in Hamilton.

452.5375 - although licensed to Servomation (see below), the comms heard didn't sound food related.

Other Frequencies

The CNE radio system isn't the only thing you will hear while on the Exhibition grounds, you will also find:

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is licensed to use 462.2375

Westbury National Show Systems Ltd. appears to be the company responsible for the on-ice light show / projections at the RICOH Coliseum. They are also the ones responsible for the new lighting on the CN Tower. They have three frequencies licensed as "Metro Area" but located at the RICOH Coliseum, 462.2375, 452.8125, and 451.1875

Servomation Inc. subsidiary Centerplate is the exclusive on-site caterer for Exhibition Place, they have three frequencies licensed on the grounds, 453.4500, 452.5375, 457.5375

Exhibition Grounds / CNE Map - 2009

For a bigger version, click on the map to go to the CNE website's map page.


Previous Version of this Page:

The previous version of this page relisted the frequencies and talkgroups for the system, along with the following:

Each morning during The Ex. they make an announcement on each talk group one at a time. to remove all cars from the grounds, at 9:30 and 10am. With this info. you can check that your scanner is tracking properly. [2006]

In addition Toronto Police/EMS/Fire are on 71-TSS-1, TAC A, and South Ops talk groups from the Toronto Public Safety System.