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== FM Communcations/Bush Electronics NXDN96 TRS ==
=== Undetermined Talkgroups ===
|SysName=FM Communications/Bush Electronics  
==== Buffalo Area ====
|Flavor=[[NXDN]] / [[NEXEDGE]]
TG 1 - Probable System Techs
|State=New York
TG 66
TG 71
TG 82
TG 86
==Related Wiki Pages==
* [[FM Communications/Bush Electronics Unknown Talkgroups]]
TG 93
[[Category: New York Trunked Radio Systems]]
[[Category: New York Businesses]]
TG 95 - Some sort of AAA comms
[[Category: New York NXDN NEXEDGE]]
TG 141
TG 163
TG 164

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System Name FM Communications/Bush Electronics
System Type NXDN / NEXEDGE
System ID 157
Connect Tone ?
Wide Area Communications Network ?
Network Access Code ?
TRBO Color Code ?
Band UHF
County Various
State New York
Ownership Private

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