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*10-33 - emergency traffic to follow  
*10-33 - emergency traffic to follow  
*10-3 - used to "hold" channel during major incident response  
*10-3 - used to "hold" channel during major incident response  
*10-26 - request backup, non emergency
*10-26I - request backup, emergency
*10-61 - Dead  
*10-61 - Dead  
*10-29 - want/warrant
*10-30 - suspended driver
*10-28 - vehicle registration
*10-17 - warrant check, warrant hit, warrant service
'''Signal Codes:'''  
'''Signal Codes:'''  
*1 Contact--By Phone
1- Officer Needs Assistance- Emergency
*1A Give Me Your Phone No.
2- Officer Needs Assistance- Non-Emergency
*1I Contact--By Phone At Once
3- Subject in Custody
*2 Contact--By Teletype
4- Relay Sensitive Information- Radio Secure
*3 Report To ---
*3I Report To --- Immediately
*4 Meet Complainant For Full Report
**6D Driving Drunk In Auto
**6P Drunk Pedestrain
**6X Drunk
*7 Larceny
**7S Larceny, Shoplifter
*9 Property Damage Accident
**9I Personal Injury Accident
**9F Fatal Accident
*10 Ambulance Run
**10F Fatal, Dead On Arrival
*11 Hit & Run, Property Damage
**11I Hit & Run, Personal Injury
**11F Hit & Run, Fatal Injuries
*12 Jail Break
*13 Police Officer In Trouble
**13I Police Station Trouble
*15 Unlawful Assembly
**15F Fight In Progress
**15R Riot
*16 Leaving My Area To ---
*17 Road Check At ---
*18 House Check At ---
*19 Radar Set-Up At ---
*20 Traffic Complaint
*21 Trespassing
*22 Abandon Auto
*23 Alarm Sounding
*24 Animal Case
**24D Dog Bit
*25 Assault
*26 Assault
*27 Bad Check
*27 Breaking & Entering
**27S Breaking & Entering, Safe Job
**27I Breaking & Entering In Progress
*28 Escort
*29 Family Trouble
*30 Fire Alarm
**30A Fire Alarm -- Auto
*31 Firearm Violation
*32 Juvenile Case
*34 Mental Case
*35 Missing Person Or Runaway
*36 Murder
*37 Open Window Or Door
*38 Lost/Found Property
*39 Prowler
*40 Robbery
**40I Robbery In Progress
*41 Service
*42 Sex Offense Other Than Rape
**42R Rape
*43 Stake-Out
*44 Stolen Auto
**44R Stolen Auto Recovered
*45 Suicide
**45A Suicide Attempt
*46A Suspicious Auto
*46P Suspicious Person
*46W Suspicious Person W/Weapon
*47 Vandalism 48 Warrant
*49 Bomb Threat
*50 Loud Party
*51 Phone Threat
*52 No Units Available
*53 Miscellaneous
*54 Disorderliness
==George Mason University==
==George Mason University==

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Codes/Units/Station Lists/Info

Fairfax County Fire Stations

  • 401-McLean
  Engine, Tower, Rescue, Medic, Volunteer Ambulance
  • 402-Vienna
  Engine, Medic, Reserve Engine, Brush, Volunteer Ambulance, Canteen
  • 403-City of Fairfax
  Foam Engine, Reserve Engine, Truck, Medic, BC 443
  • 404-Herndon
  Engine, Medic
  • 405-Franconia
  Engine, Tower, Brush, Medic, Reserve Engine, Volunteer Ambulance/Medic
  • 406-Public Safety HQ
  • 407-Training Academy
  Training Engine (2), BUS407
  • 408-Annandale
  Engine, Tower, Medic (2), BC404, Volunteer Ambulance, Canteen
  • 409-Mount Vernon
  Engine, Medic (2), BC406
  • 410-Bailey's Crossroads
  Engine, Truck, Medic (2), Boat, Volunteer Ambulance
  • 411-Penn Daw
  Engine, Truck, Rescue, Medic (2) 
  • 412-Great Falls
  Engine, Tanker, Brush, Medic, Volunteer Ambulance, Swiftwater Rescue Unit, BTI412, BTI412B, Utility
  • 413-Dunn Loring
  Engine, Medic, BC402, Reserve Engine, Volunteer Ambulance, Rehab Unit
  • 414-Burke
  Engine, Rescue, Brush, Medic, Reserve Engine, Volunteer Ambulance, Tech Rescue 414
  • 415-Chantilly
  Engine, Medic, Brush, Safety 402, BTI 415, UTV
  • 416-Clifton
  Engine, Tanker,Brush, Medic, BTI416
  • 417-Centreville
  Engine, Medic, Reserve Engine, Volunteer Ambulance, Canteen
  • 418-Jefferson
  Engine, Rescue, Medic, EMS404, Tech Rescue 418, Tech Rescue Support 418
  • 419-Lorton
  Engine, Rescue, Medic, Brush
  • 420-Gunston
  Engine, Tanker, Medic, Fireboat 420, BTI420, Brush, UTV
  • 421 Fair Oaks
  Engine, Rescue, Medic, BC403, Reserve Engine, Volunteer Ambulance, Tech Rescue 421, BTI421
  • 422-Springfield
  Engine, Truck, Medic, Reserve Engine, Volunteer Ambulance, Canteen
  • 423-West Annandale
  Engine, Medic, Light and Air
  • 424-Woodlawn
  Engine, Tower, Medic, EMS406
  • 425-Reston
  Engine, Truck, Medic, BC401
  • 426-Edsall Road
  Engine, Rescue, Medic, Foam 426, EMS405
  • 427-West Springfield
  Engine, Medic, MAB427
  • 428-Seven Corners
  Engine, Medic
  • 429-Tysons Corner
  Engine, Truck, Medic, EMS402
  • 430-Merrifield
  Engine, Tower, Medic, MCP430, DFCOps
  • 431-Fox Mill
  Engine, Medic, EMS401, SHRU431
  • 432-Fairview
  Engine, Medic, BC407
  • 433-City of Fairfax
  Rescue Engine, Medic, Utility, Swiftwater Rescue Unit
  • 434 Oakton
  Engine, Medic, LAB401
  • 435-Pohick
  Engine, Medic, Safety 401
  • 436-Frying Pan
  Engine, Tower, Medic
  • 437-Kingstowne
  Engine, Foam Unit, Medic, BC405, Light and Air, Volunteer Ambulance, SHRU437
  • 438-West Centreville
  Engine, Truck, Medic, Volunteer Ambulance
  • 439-North Point
  Engine, Rescue, Tanker, Brush, Medic, BTI439
  • 440-Fairfax Center
  Engine, Tower, Medic, EMS403, HMT440, HMSU440
  • 441-Crosspointe
  Engine, Truck, Medic, Tanker, Brush, EMS407, BTI441, Utility, UTV
  • 442-Wolftrap
  Engine, Medic, Tanker, MSCU442, Utility, UTV

443-City of Fairfax- Fire/Rescue Training Facility

  Training Engine 443, Foam Tender
  • 444-Future- Scotts Run (Tysons Corner)
  • 463-Fort Belvoir (North Post) 1
  Engine, Truck, Light and Air, Chief 463, Deputy Chief 463
  • 464-Fort Belvoir (Fort Belvoir North (NGA)) 1
  Engine, Tower, Hazmat, Hazmat Suport Trailer, Brush, Asst. Chief 464
  • 465-Fort Belvoir (South Post) 1
  Engine, Battalion Chief 465
  • 466-Fort Belvoir (Davison Air Field) 1
  Engine, Tanker, Foam 466A and 466B

1 - Fort Belvoir Fire Department uses their own frequencies for most incidents on the base, however, anytime a Fairfax County unit is called onto the Base all radio traffic moves to a Fairfax County radio channel (ie: 4 Bravo, 4 Charlie, etc).

Fairfax County Fire/Rescue Radio Codes

Sometimes you will hear activity status codes if a unit is voicing its status over the radio rather than the MDT. Status abbreviations: AIQ - Available In Quarters AOR - Available On Radio Activity Codes (there are many, many more, but these are probably the most common):

  • 11 - Returning to quarters
  • 32 - Administrative
  • 33 - Procuring Food
  • 40 - Transfer for coverage
  • 56 - District Familiarization

Fairfax County Police Patrols and Shifts

A listing of patrols, shifts, and special unit designations.

  • Sully Station (sta 1): All designators in the "one-hundred" range
  • Mt. Vernon (sta 2): All designators in the "two-hundred" range
  • McLean (sta 3): "three hundred"
  • Mason (sta 4): "four-hundred"
  • Reston (sta 5): "five-hundred"
  • Franconia (sta 6): "six hundred"
  • W. Spfld (sta 7): "seven hundred"
  • Fair Oaks (sta 8): "eight hundred"
  • Units that begin with a 9, like 970B, are field units and cover as backup to the entire district. You can tell what station they're assigned to by looking at the second digit in their designator. Example: 970B is from West Springfield, Station 7 - 950B would be from Reston, Station 5.

Shift Differentiation:

  • Midnights- "Adam" unit (e.g. "two-forty adam") is midnight unit assigned to area 240
  • Daywork- "Baker" unit (e.g. "eight-hundred baker")is daywork assigned to area 800
  • Evenings- "Charlie" unit(e.g."four-ten charlie")is evening unit assigned to area 410
  • X-ray unit - special assignment or traffic enforcement (e.g. "Xray 2x" - station 2 xray 3x - "station 3" etc etc)
  • Set units - bike team or special assignment (e.g. "Set 45" - mason, "Set 21" - mt vernon)
  • Squad Supervisors (usually 1 sgt and 1 lt per squad) use a "car" designator (e.g. "car-two adam" = station 2 midnight LT, "car-twenty adam" = station 2 midnight sgt, "car-three baker" = station 3 daywork lt, "car-thirty baker" = station 3 daywork sgt).
  • CIS units are station level detectives (e.g. "CIS 21" = station 2 detective )
  • CIB units are department level detectives (major crimes etc. designators differentiate between divisions (auto squad, robbery etc)
  • Wagon unit is designated by ending in an 8 - (e.g. "418 adam" is a midnight unit assigned to area 410 with the wagon) Double units are designeted by ending with a 9 (e.g. 219A "two-nineteen adam" is a double unit in area 210/211)

Fairfax County Police Radio Codes

10-codes, signal codes

Fairfax County uses plain language mostly. 10-Codes:

  • 10-33 - emergency traffic to follow
  • 10-3 - used to "hold" channel during major incident response
  • 10-61 - Dead

Signal Codes: 1- Officer Needs Assistance- Emergency 2- Officer Needs Assistance- Non-Emergency 3- Subject in Custody 4- Relay Sensitive Information- Radio Secure

George Mason University

CHANNEL 1 - 855.4875 PL 107.2 POLICE SERVICES DIVISION- Police Dispatch Channel (47E on Fairfax County TRS- Zone 47- Fairfax City Fire)

CHANNEL 3 - 855.7125 PL 107.2 PUBLIC SAFETY DIVISION - Security Dispatch) Channel (47F on Fairfax County TRS- Zone 47- Fairfax City Fire)

The Police Department is now known as the Department of Police and Public Safety

Channels are in use at all campuses (Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William.


Notes: The Public Safety Division, led by the Director of Public Safety, is comprised of: the Card Access Services Office, Physical Security Services and Lock Shop Services. The Public Safety Division provides technical and operational support for card access and camera technology as well as physical security functions.


The Police Services Division, led by the Assistant Chief of Police, consists of the Operations Bureau, which is responsible for oversight of the law enforcement functions of the Department such as Patrol, Investigations, the Support Bureau, and the Special Services Bureau. The Support Bureau oversees Emergency Communications, and CAIT/Threat assessment. The Special Services Bureau oversees special events, training, and administrative functions.



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