Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Frequency ranges commonly used nationwide

162.6125 - 162.7875 (repeater inputs)
163.8375 - 163.9875 (repeater inputs)
167.2125 - 167.7875 (repeater outputs)

Nationwide channel plan

The following channels are reported to be programmed in zone D in all FBI radios.

Frequency Input Type Tone Channel Description
164.5500 168.8625 R 167.9 PL D1 OCDETF repeater
164.5500 M 167.9 PL D2 OCDETF simplex
166.4625 M CSQ D3 DHS/Treasury Common
167.5625 BM 167.9 PL D4 FBI Common
167.5375 M 167.9 PL D5 Special Ops simplex
167.5375 163.8625 R 167.9 PL D6 Special Ops repeater
163.1000 M D7 Federal Government Common
155.4750 M CSQ D8 National Law Enforcement Mutual Aid


  • Many other frequencies in the 162 - 174 MHz federal band are also used. Frequency use varies by field division.
  • FBI frequencies are encrypted most of the time.
  • When in the clear, a PL tone of 167.9 is commonly used.
  • The FBI is moving to APCO P25 digital mode, which is used in some areas now.
  • The FBI can also access state police radio systems in many states.