Federal Radio ID Planning

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This page is designed to serve as a master list of all ranges of radio IDs used by federal Project 25 radios (civil and military), by region and by agency. This page is not intended to handle dumping individual radio IDs in an effort to identify ranges used. Sub-pages should be created and linked here for that purpose, to keep this page clean and easy to reference.

Note: ID sets ending in xx indicate that all variables of x are within that agency/user's range (typically no range end listed)


Planning localized to states can be listed below for geographic reference. Sub-pages for individual radio ID identification should also be listed below as shown:


Federal Radio IDs (MD)

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
12380xx FPS Baltimore MD FiRST ENC
2150007 2150136 USNA PD/FD JNCR
8481062 8489013 FBI Baltimore VHF Repeater


Some agencies may have a national or regional plan that is better shown by agency than state:

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