Feed Provider Terms of Service

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Feed Provider Terms of Service

Feed providers are not allowed to broadcast the following content without specific authorized consent from the RadioReference Audio Management Staff:

  • SWAT "type" operations if on dedicated channels or talkgroups
  • Narcotics / CID / Investigations or other tactical operations
  • Dedicated channels or talkgroups for Ambulance to Hospital Communications
  • Dedicated Federal Government or Military Communications (exceptions include any fire fighting or EMS operations, space shuttle launch or ISS communications, park ranger operations)
  • Any commercial service broadcast (FM/AM/TV etc)
  • Music or talk show of any kind (commercial or non-commercial)
  • DJ or other type of similar activity (commercial or non-commercial)
  • Open Microphones
  • Schools/School Buses
  • Citizens Band (CB)
  • GMRS or FRS (either simplex or repeaters)
  • NOAA Weather Radio (See Wunderground for a host)

If a feed provider broadcasts the above content without authorization, RadioReference reserves the right to immediately terminate the feed.