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=='''Possible future Rome-Floyd County Talkgroups'''==
==Possible future Rome-Floyd County Talkgroups==
'''TG ID No’s and System Users not yet Confirmed'''
'''TG ID No’s and System Users not yet Confirmed'''
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Public Safety Users Police,Fire,EMS are scheduled to start testing the new system in Mid. Jan. 2013.<br/>
Public Safety Users Police,Fire,EMS are scheduled to start testing the new system in Mid. Jan. 2013.<br/>
Updated User Info: 01-01-2013
Updated User Info: 01-01-2013
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Possible future Rome-Floyd County Talkgroups

TG ID No’s and System Users not yet Confirmed

  • Harris Press Release
  • (Berry) Berry College
  • (GA Highlands) Georgia Highlands College
  • (CS Fire) Cave Spring Fire Dept.
  • (CS MTF-E) Cave Spring Metro Task Force (Encrypted)
  • (CS Police) Cave Spring Police Dept.
  • (CS PW) Cave Spring Public Works
  • (CS Water) Cave Spring Water Dept.
  • (DA SWAT-E) District Attorney’s Office (SWAT) (Encrypted)
  • (FC Animal) Floyd County Animal Control
  • (FC Coroner) Floyd County Coroner
  • (FC 911) Floyd County E-911 Center
  • (FC EMA) Floyd County EMA
  • (FC EMS) Floyd County Medical Center EMS
  • (FC Maint) Floyd County Facilities Management - Building Maintenance?
  • (FC MCourt) Floyd County Magistrate Court-Constables
  • (FC Police) Floyd County Police Dept.
  • (FC Police SWAT-E) Floyd County Police Dept. (SWAT) (Encrypted)
  • (FC Prison) Floyd County Prison Operations?
  • (FC PriOps) Floyd County Prisoner Operations?
  • (FC PW Disp) Floyd County Public Works 1 - Dispatch / Operations
  • (FC PW Elect) Floyd County Public Works 2 - Electrical & Traffic
  • (FC PW GMaint) Floyd County Public Works 3 - Grounds Maintenance
  • (FC PW ROW) Floyd County Public Works 4 - Rights-of-Way
  • (FC PW Roads) Floyd County Public Works 5 - Road / Hwy. Department
  • (FC PW SW) Floyd County Public Works - Solid Waste Collections & Processing
  • (FC PW Water) Floyd County Public Works - Water Department - H2O
  • (FC Schools) Floyd County Schools (May be Floyd County Board of Education BOE)
  • (FC Sheriff) Floyd County Sheriff's Office
  • (FC Sheriff-E) Floyd County Sheriff's Office (Encrypted)Verify Encryption?
  • (FC Corrections) Floyd County Sheriff (Detention Center) Jail
  • (FC SO SWAT-E) Floyd County Sheriff's Office (SWAT) (Encrypted)
  • (Red EMS) Redmond EMS
  • (Red SWAT-E) Redmond EMS (SWAT) (Encrypted)
  • (Rome Schools) Rome City Schools - May be Rome Board of Education (BOE)
  • (RPD) Rome Police Dept.
  • (RPD SWAT-E) Rome Police Dept. (SWAT) (Encrypted)
  • (RPW Disp) Rome Public Works - Control / Dispatch (All Departments)
  • (RPW Admin) Rome Public Works - Administrative / City Hall
  • (RPW Elect) Rome Public Works - Electrical Department - Power Utilities / Traffic lights
  • (RPW Cemetery) Rome Public Works - Cemetery
  • (RPW Garage) Rome Public Works 5 - Garage
  • (RPW SW) Rome Public Works - Solid Waste
  • (RPW Street) Rome Public Works - Street Department
  • (Rome Transit) Rome Transit Department - Public Transportation / City Buses
  • (Rome Water) Rome Water & Sewer Dept. - Water Billing
  • (RFC Fire) Rome-Floyd County Fire Dept.
  • (RFC Landfill) Rome-Floyd County Landfill
  • (RFC MTF-E) Rome-Floyd County Metro Task Force (Encrypted)
  • (RFC RecCntr) Rome-Floyd County Recycling Center
  • (RFC RecAuth) Rome-Floyd County Recreation Authority (Parks & Recreation)
  • (RadioTechs) Radio Technicians / Radio, Range & Grid Testing, Williams Communications & EMA

Trunking Table: Base: 851.00000 Spacing: 0.01250 Bandwidth: 0.00625 TX Offset: -45.00000
Pro-96 Users use Custom Table - TX Offset: 0.00000
Non Public Safety Users are now using / testing the new system, they started on Monday December 10, 2012
Public Safety Users Police,Fire,EMS are scheduled to start testing the new system in Mid. Jan. 2013.
Updated User Info: 01-01-2013