Ford County (IL)

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Ford County Government

  • 155.745 was noted as 179.9, but 94.8 has also been heard in area; 151.4 PL (matches fire) heard 11/19/13 in DeWitt Co.

Ford County 911 (Fire)

  • Dispatches for all agencies except Gibson City.
  • 1/15 - WNZW397 add 453.1875 BM at Paxton, Gibson City (also 150-25wt mobiles on 453.1875 and 453.7275)

Ford County Sheriff's Department

  • Formerly used 39.5 & 39.34 (131.8 PL)

Public Safety - Units and IDs

  • Sam 4 - Sheriff unit (6/18)
  • Sam 6 - Sheriff unit (6/18)
  • Paul 49 - Paxton Police; unit on VHF patch (6/18)
  • 100s Gibson City Police
  • 228 Paxton Police (220s Paxton)
  • 228 Paxton Police
  • 232 Piper City Police (230s Piper City)
  • 233 Piper City Police


  • 3-M-19 Gibson Area Ambulance Service (ILS unit)
  • 3-M-36 Gibson Area Ambulance Service (ILS unit)
  • 3-M-37 Gibson Area Ambulance Service (ILS unit)
  • 3-M-40 Gibson Area Ambulance Service (ILS unit)
  • 3-M-51 Gibson Area Ambulance Service (ILS unit)

Hospitals and EMS

Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services

  • 151.685 WNXL757 M Security / Maintenance [Expired 11/11] FM Deprecated

Service provides 3 Advanced Life Support ambulances based in Gibson City and Paxton. These ambulances provide emergency medical care to the communities of Gibson City, Paxton, Loda, Elliott, Melvin, Sibley, Foosland, Bellflower, and Thawville, while covering approximately 400 square miles of rural area.

  • 451.91250 456.91250 WQDM252 RM GibsnHosptl Hospital/Maintenance

Municipalities and Districts


Cabery Area Fire Protection District

  • 154.325 KNDS826 BM 118.8 PL {Link to} Kankakee Co Fire FM


  • Served by Gibson FPD and Area Ambulance Service


Kempton Fire District

Gibson City (City)

Police Department Radio IDs are 100s, s dispatched by the county on 156.165/156.225.

  • 453.100, tone carrier and voice, 162.2, heard south of Paxton, north of Rantoul (also had CSQ) (1/14)

Gibson City Fire Protection District Serves: Gibson City, Elliott

Gibson Area Ambulance Service


Fire Protection District

  • includes rural Paris, Redmon, Grandview, Oliver, Vermillion (city)
  • possibly still dispatched on County Sheriff, 151.325


Paxton Police

  • Paul units, are dispatched by Ford County on 156.225/156.165.

Paxton Fire Protection District Paxton Area EMS Serves 7000 people in Rural IL

  • 155.26500 WPJU972 BM Paxton EMS Paxton Area EMS [Expired 11/01]

Pella Township

  • 453.2 KNFU689 BM Road Maintenance FM [Expired]

Piper City

Piper City Fire Protection District


Roberts/Melvin Community Fire Protection District


Sullivant Township Fire Protection District


Ford/Iroquois Special Education District

  • 463.90000 468.90000 WNMS954 RM F/ISpclEd Schools (Paxton-Ford) [Expired 10/03]
  • 464.80000 469.80000 WNMS954 RM F/ISpclEd Schools (Onarga-Iroquois) [Expired 10/03]

GCMS School District

Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley Elementary School

  • Website
  • WQRG763 - 461.35 Repeater; mobiles on 457.45, 467.0875 (4 FX1 on R) (NFM) for Maintenance/Supervision/Ops/Transportation (new 5/13)

Paxton-Buckley-Loda School District 10

  • 464.9625 D051 Repeater finally confirmed as PBL buses, but repeater does not appear to be in Paxton city (lic. shows NE of town) (4/23/15)

Ryder Student Transportation (Paxton)

  • 461.225 RM was also Johnson, ET Community Repeater Expired 3/02
  • 461.225 RM WNYL348 PaxtonBuses Buses [Expired 2/02]