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* [[Freescan Create Group|Create/Edit Group]]
* [[Freescan Create Group|Create/Edit Group]]
* [[Freescan APCO Bandplan|Create/Edit APCO Bandplan]]
* [[Freescan APCO Bandplan|Create/Edit APCO Bandplan]]
* [[FreeSCAN-GPS|GPS Functions]] {{color|red|NEW}}
* [[FreeSCAN-GPS|GPS Functions/View in Google]] {{color|red|NEW}}

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Welcome to the FreeSCAN user guide. This document is designed to help the newcomer install and navigate FreeSCAN, which is designed to work with the Uniden DMA scanners.

Getting Started

The following scanners are compatible with FreeSCAN:

NOTE: A new version of FreeScan has recently been released, based on the .net framework.
This user guide is now in a bit of flux, as images may be from version .7g. However all
functions should remain fairly close.

Installation and Connections

  • Installing and executing FreeSCAN

Pulldown Menus

FS top toolbar v8.JPG

From left to right, the graphics above represent the following;

  • Create New Scanner Profile
  • Load Scanner Profile from disk
  • Save Scanner Profile to disk
  • Print Screen (not yet available)
  • Download from Scanner (Ctrl-D or select from the Scanner pulldown menu)
  • Upload to Scanner (Ctrl-U or select from the Scanner pulldown menu)
  • Virtual Control to Scanner (Shift+F1 or select from the Scanner pulldown menu)






Common Questions and Answers