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Image:UASD_Conv_result.JPG|Conventional system example
Image:FS conv example v8.JPG|Conventional system example
Image:UASD_trunk_result.JPG|Trunk system example
Image:FS trunk example v8.JPG|Trunk system example
Image:Freescan file expcsv.JPG|File Pulldown menu
Image:FS File2 v8.JPG|File Pulldown menu
Image:Freescan export.JPG|Save as file menu
Image:FS export menu v8.JPG|Save as file menu
Image:FS export cnv v8.JPG|Conventional export
Image:FS export tlkgrps v8.JPG|Trunked export

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  1. If you wish to only export 1 system, the cursor must be on the system name and show the system characteristics. Examples of a conventional and trunked system are displayed above.
  2. The cursor need not be in a particular position if all systems are to be exported.
  3. From the File pulldown, select Export. Click on 'This System' or 'All Systems'
  4. The 'save as' file menu appears. Supply a valid name
  5. Freescan exports the system.

CSV (or Comma Seperated Values) files are useful for transferring data from one program to another, when no other format is available

NOTE: The trunk system export only exports talkgroups, not talkgroups and frequencies.

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