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  1. From the File pulldown, select Import then From UASD (step 1)
  2. Select the file to be imported. FreeScan will import UASD files for the BCT15,BCD996T, BC246 or BCD396T (step 2)
  3. The results of importing a conventional system are shown in step 3
  4. The results of importing a trunked system are shown in step 4
  5. Edit the results - change quick keys, file names, ect. Insure that the system is not locked out
  • The 996 & 15 scanners have a TGID Limit of 250 TGIDs per trunk system. The 246/330/396 scanner have a 200 TGID limit. Excess TGIDs will be ignored.
  • FreeSCAN supports the 996/15 feature of having multiple trunk sites in one system. This feature is not supported in the 246/330/396. If you attempt to upload a multi-site system to one of these scanners, FreeSCAN will split the sites up into individual systems and put all the TGID groups in one system only.
  • FreeSCAN will not allow you to upload a fully digital P25 system to an analog scanner since these scanners have no chance of being able to track these systems.
  • When you bring up the download window, it will preserve the system names of previous detected systems. If you have made any changes whatsoever to your scanner's programming since last bringing up this list, you should reclick on Queue System List before downloading. This is because the system index IDs will shift around inside the scanner's memory when you make changes, and if FreeSCAN doesn't get an updates list then it will not be able to download the systems.
  • FreeScan does not currently support setting the P25 levels on the 395 and 996 when creating a P25 system. Applying version 2.0 firmware or later is strongly suggested, as digital decoding is improved in these versions. For information on how to set these values manually, please see the following;

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