Freescan Windows Installs

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Full Install

Installing FreeScan is quite easy, just follow the prompts;

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After you see the confirmation screen, click the Next button and the installer will copy files and write registry entries. When the process is finished, create a shortcut to put on your desktop through Explorer, the Start menu, etc.

Installing the Hotfix

This process assumes you already have a previous version of FreeScan on your machine

After the process completes, insure that the new version number shows at the top of the screen when you bring the program up, or look in 'Help/About' for more information

Vista Installation Notes

For Vista x64 users: as VB6 dependencies are not registered, they must be registered manually using the following commands:

  • regsvr32 /u c:\windows\SysWOW64\msflxgrd.ocx
  • regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\msflxgrd.ocx
  • regsvr32 /u c:\windows\SysWOW64\mscomctl.ocx
  • regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\mscomctl.ocx
  • regsvr32 /u c:\windows\SysWOW64\mscomm32.ocx
  • regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\mscomm32.ocx
  • regsvr32 /u c:\windows\SysWOW64\msinet.ocx
  • regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\msinet.ocx

Each command is entered individually to insure the action succeeded

For Vista x86: the pathnames should be replaced from "c:\windows\syswow64\" to "c:\windows\system32\". In all cases involving Vista, run FreeScan as an administrator.

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