Gloucester County (NJ) Delsea Regional School District, Franklinville

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District using non-standard DPL tones on certain channels (Marked as CSQ in the RR Database). These non-standard DPLs are available in various Chinese import two way radios. However they cannot be programmed into any current scanners.

Here is the full listing of Channels with both standard and non-standard DPLs.

  • CH-1 462.5625 DPL255 High School
  • CH-2 462.5875 DPL465 Middle School
  • CH-3 462.6125 DPL101 Secure
  • CH-4 462.6375 DPL202 Athletics
  • CH-5 462.6625 DPL303 Transportation
  • CH-6 462.6875 DPL404 Spare
  • CH-7 462.7125 DPL505 Spare
  • CH-8 462.575 DPL606 Spare
  • CH-9 462.625 DPL707 Spare
  • CH-10 462.675 DPL732 Spare
  • CH-11 462.550 DPL666 Spare
  • CH-12 462.600 DPL423 Spare
  • CH-13 462.650 DPL542 Spare
  • CH-14 462.700 DPL222 Spare
  • CH-15 462.750 DPL456 Spare

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