Grady County (OK)

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Grady County Law Enforcement

  • Grady County Sheriff Units are Grady-** (primary dispatch is on 155.130mhz)
  • Grady County Reserve Deputies are Grady-1**
  • Chickasha PD Units are in the 300's (Dispatch is on the state trunked system)
  • Tuttle PD Units are in the 200's (Tuttle Dispatch is on 155.9325MHz)
  • Amber PD Units are Central-8* (Dispatched by "County" on 155.130MHz)
  • Minco PD Units are Central-3* (Dispatched by "County" on 155.130MHz)
  • Verden PD Units are Central-4* (Dispatched by "County" on 155.130MHz)
  • Ninnekah PD Units are Central-5* (Dispatched by "County" on 155.130MHz)
  • Alex PD Units are Central-6* (Dispatched by "County" on the 155.130MHz)
  • Rush Springs PD Units are Central-7* (Dispatched by "County" 155.130MHz)

Grady County Fire and EMS

  • Chickasha Fire and EMS are on the Oklahoma state trunked system
  • Bridge Creek FD Units are 400's (Dispatched by Grady County on 152.2175MHz)
  • Tuttle Fire Units are 500's (Tuttle Dispatch is on 154.400MHz)
  • Tuttle EMS Units are 600's -- (also serves Minco, Amber, Bridge Creek)
  • Minco Fire Units are 900's (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Ninnekah FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Amber FD -- Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Verden FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Alex FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Minco FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Rush Springs FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Rush Springs EMS (Unknown ---Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Friend FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Cox City FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)