Greater Orlando Public Safety Cooperative System

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10-1 Receiving poorly 10-23 Standby for hotline 10-48 10-96 to ___ to talk to ___
10-2 Receiving Well 10-25 In contact with 10-50 Stopping vehicle
10-3 Stand-by 10-26 Did you receive message 10-51 En route
10-4 OK 10-27 You have a hit 10-52 ETA
10-5 Relay 10-27C Civil hit 10-54 Negative
10-6 Busy-out of service 10-27F You have a felony hit 10-55 Meet ___ at ___
10-7 Off duty 10-27M You have a misdemeanor hit 10-62 Unable to copy
10-8 In service 10-28 Check car registration 10-64 End message clear
10-9 Repeat 10-29 Check for wanted 10-65 Clear to copy
10-11 Dispatching too fast 10-30 Against rules and regulations 10-66 Cancellation
10-12 Visitors present 10-33 Emergency traffic only 10-93 Is service up?
10-13 Weather conditions 10-35 Confidential information 10-94 Give test count to 5
10-14 Information- can you copy 10-36 Correct time 10-96 Changing Talk/group
10-15 Prisoner in custody 10-37 Operator?s name 10-97 Arrival on the scene
10-17 Pick up_____ 10-38 Block road at_____ 10-98 Assignment complete
10-18 Rush blue light/siren 10-39 Message delivered 10-99 Complaint number
10-18X Rush without blue light/siren 10-42 Officer?s residence 10-99P Complaint number send to PACE
10-19 Return to station 10-43 Any traffic for_____
10-20 Location 10-45 Call___ by phone
10-21 Call station by phone 10-45P Personal call
10-22 Disregard 10-46 No further unit check required

Dispatch Signals

0 Armed and/or caution 29C Commercial alarm 59W Trespass warning
1 Drunk driver 29H Hold-up alarm 70 Disaster
2 Drunk pedestrian 29R Residential alarm 71A Aircraft accident
3I Hit & run (minor) 29V Vehicle alarm 71B Boating accident
3-16 Hit & run (injuries) 30 Man down 71I Industrial accident
4 Accident (minor) 31D Dean animal 72 911 hang-up
4I Accident (injuries) 31N Nuisance animal 73 Unknown trouble
5 Murder 31T Threatening animal 74 Solicitor
6 Escaped prisoner 37 Paramedics/rescue 75 Check the well being
7 Dead person 38 Wrecker 77 Hitchhiker
8A Missing person adult 39 Money transfer 78D Deviate sexual activities
8J Missing person juvenile 40 Officer with prisoner 78P Prostitution
8R Recovered missing person 41 Kidnapping 79A Child Abuse
9 Stolen tag 42 Chow 79N Child neglect
9R Recovered stolen/lost tag 43 Rush-officer needs help 80 DPA
10C Carjacking 44 Immediate backup 80A DPA available
10R Recovered stolen vehicle 45 Non-emergency assistance 80C COP activity
11A Abandoned vehicle 47 Bad check 80S DPA intersections
11B Disabled boat 48 Fraud-counterfeit 81 Out of service-personal
11D Disabled vehicle 49 Vandals/criminal mischief 84 Threats/assault
12 Reckless vehicle 50 Fugitive from justice/wanted 85 Battery
12B Reckless boat 50F Fugitive from justice/Felony 85C Battery/cutting
13 Suspicious car 50M Fugitive from justice/ misdemeanor 85F Battery (Fight)
13B Suspicious boat 51 Entire signal out 85S Battery (Shooting)
13I Suspicious person 51A arrow light out 85W Battery (Other weapons)
14F Felony investigation 51C Caution light out 86 K-9 Required
14M Misdemeanor investigation 51G Green light out 87 Stable duty
15 Special detail 51R Red light out 88 Bribery
16 Obstruction on highway 55 Bomb explosion 89 Impersonating police officer
17 Contact/attempt contact 56 Theft 91 Liquor law violation
20N Mentally Ill person (non-violent) 56S Theft by shoplifting 92 Trash dumping
20V Mentally Ill person (violent) 58 Gambling 93 Administrative time
21C Commercial B&E 59 Sick or injured person 94 Vehicle service
22 General disturbance 60 Illegal fishing 95 Drug violation
22D Disturbance domestic 61 House/business check 96 Training
22E Disturbance CADV 62 Obscene/harassing phone calls 97 Court
23B Bank robbery 63 Open door/window 98 Meeting
23C Commercial robbery 64 Direct traffic 98N Neighborhood watch meeting
23P Person robbery 64S School crossing 98P Structured presentation
23S Strong-arm robbery 65 Noise ordinance violation 98S Special event
25 Fire 66 Rape 99 Case completing/preparation
25A Arson fire 66A Attempted rape 99A APS
26 Drowning 66S Other sex crimes 99E Evidence
27 Prowler 67 Found property 99F Follow-up
28 Suicide 68 Illegally parked cars 99P PACE reporting
28A Attempted suicide 69 Trespasser 99R Handwritten reporting
29B Bank alarm 69A Trespass authorization 100 Career criminal

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